Cobra Kai Wraps Shoot for Season 5 in Atlanta Georgia

Cobra Kai Wraps Shoot for Season 5 in Atlanta Georgia

Usually, when we complete a task, it exhausts us, and we need some break before starting again. However, the creators of Cobra Kai certainly need no break, which is always good for a fan. With season 4 set to premiere on December 31, Cobra Kai has already wrapped up shooting for season 5.

The series was one of the first projects by YouTube Red, which was released in 2018. As the response to the sequel show to “The Karate Kid” films has been strong and loud, Netflix swooped in on the goldmine after YouTube Red dropped the show.

Cobra Kai Season 5 renewal and wrap

Cobra Kai’s Twitter handle made an official announcement of the renewal way back on August 27. The tweet had a six-second-long video. It showed the number five (roman numeral) animated as if burning in flames.

The tweet certainly motivated the fans of the series, who at that point in time had no updates. After finishing the shooting of season 5 in Atlanta, Jon Hurwitz, creator of Cobra Kai, tweeted a picture. The picture also featured co-creator Josh Heald.

The third season ended with one of the biggest twists of the series. Thus, fans will be happy to know that there would be no shortage of Cobra Kai in the coming years.

Are there any leads on season 5?

As we have only got a sneak peek at the first episode of season 4 for now, making any speculations about season 5 would be jumping the gun. Moreover, with no context, the information won’t make any sense.

However, fans should not lose all hope, as William Zabka had some good news. The actor who plays Johnny and is also an executive producer of the series shared some insight about season 5 with Screenrant:

“I’m so wrapped up in what’s going on right now that’s so far down the road from what I’m talking about [in season 4]. I can just tell you this: [season 5] is maybe my favorite season. It’s even more! It’s a lot of fun. But season 4 is a great ride and so satisfying. My hat’s off to the writers and the creative team for doing such great work. I’m really proud to be a part of it.”

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It remains to be seen if Season 5 will be the last of Cobra Kai. That could become clear on December 31. Let us know in the comment section. Who are you supporting during this All Valley tournament?

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