Cobra Kai Season 4 Fight Scenes RANKED

Cobra Kai Season 4 Fight Scenes RANKED

There are three things that best describe what Cobra Kai is: fight, more fights, and nothing but fights! So when it comes to choosing the best fight from Cobra Kai, that is truly one labor Hercules would have done. But we do really need to discuss some faceoffs that happened in the latest season of this Netflix Original.

Let’s come and pick the best fight from Cobra Kai Season 4, and in that process, we will also rank every other fight we witnessed this season. But remember, you just have to look at these fights, and not try to get into any such fight. There is one and only one karate lesson you need to remember at such time, and that is, “No be there.” With no further ado, let the Cobra Kai fight begin!

Number 11, 10, and 9: which includes Hawk vs Miguel

At number 11, we have a fight that was indeed very brutal but was not competitive enough to be called a fight. At the All Valley Tournament, Roby faced his padawan, Kenny, in the quarterfinals. While Roby was hesitant at first, after Kreeses’ little pep talk, he practically thrashed Kenny. Thus getting the 11th position in the rankings.


Next up we have the Two former Cobra Kai fight each other for a place in the final match. Eli aka The Hawk locked horns with Miguel aka El Serpiente. This could have ranked further up in the list, but sadly, this fight never even got completed. After Miguel felt discomfort in his leg, he walked off and thus gave Eli a chance at the All Valley Trophy.

The fight between Robby and Terry is what takes the ninth position on this list. Terry beat Roby up as if he was nothing but a dummy; which also makes sense, as Terry has been in the fighting business for a long, long time. Terry has been beating up opponents, even before Johnny Roby’s father was born. Regardless, this fight was not that great of a matchup, hence it stays at this position.

Position 8, 7, and 6: Robby takes out the entire Cobra Kai dojo

At number 8, we place the fight between Tory and Roby. Even though Tory emerged out as the winner in this one, it was Robby who dominated the entire time. Only losing because Tory kind of cheated. Especially if it is fighters from Cobra Kai, they just never show mercy.

Following the Roby-Tory fight, we have the whole Cobra Kai dojo trying to take down Roby. But guess who was actually taken down? Roby beat up every single member of the Cobra Kai team but lost to the fierce Tory.

At number 6, we have a little mature and older karate from Johnny and Terry. After Terry lures Johnny to the old Cobra Kai dojo, he tries to beat him up to prove his loyalty to Kreese, only to realize that Johnny is the best student of Cobra Kai for a reason. This fight is indeed really fun to watch.

Ranking every major Cobra Kai fight from season 4: Positions 5, 4, and 3

There is nothing better than a little trip down memory lane, and Cobra Kai knows how to give us one. Season 4 observed a classic Johnny vs Daniel fight, where both senseis fought with everything they had, but even then ended up tieing the fight. This faceoff of LaRusso and Lawrence earns the fifth position on our list.

Next at number 4, everyone needs to just sit down and grab some popcorn as Daniel takes out a Hockey Team, courtesy of Johnny Lawrence’s Eagle Fang style. This fight is something that you can watch over and over; because you rarely see LaRusso fighting with range, and trust me, it is a thing of beauty when he does that.

The iconic fight at the side of the pool solidifies its claim at the third position in this list. Miguel, Samantha, Tory, and Roby looked absolutely stunning at their prom, but what was more stunning was the fight that broke out between the two couples.

The first two positions from our list of Cobra Kai Fights

At number 2, we have the ladies fighting it out for the trophy of the best female karate fighter in the Valley. The fight that decided the fate of Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang, and Cobra Kai; Tory and Samantha didn’t disappoint at all, as this match was truly unforgettable. It was a close match, but Tory got the better of Sam in the end. Or did she?

The match between Tory and Sam was close, but was it really close that you have to decide the winner by Sudden Death Overtime? Because the fight between Eli, aka The Hawk, and Roby’s was. The two young men fought each other in a shirtless finale. You just can’t ignore The Hawk’s tattoo. It is just so catchy? Hawk emerged out of the flames as the winner of the All Valley Karate Tournament in the male category. And this fight is undoubtedly the best fight from Cobra Kai Season 4.

Do you agree with these rankings? If not, let us know what changes will you make to this list?

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