‘Cobra Kai’ Creators Bring Together Nick Zano (Legend of Tomorrow) And Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf) For a Wacky Action Comedy ‘Obliterated’ on Netflix

‘Cobra Kai’ Creators Bring Together Nick Zano (Legend of Tomorrow) And Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf) For a Wacky Action Comedy ‘Obliterated’ on Netflix

Cobra Kai creators are making another TV series. And this time it isn’t centered around a dojo and karate. Their next project, Obliterated, was announced some three years ago. It was originally going to air on TBS and not Netflix with 10 episodes. However, now we know that the series has added two new cast members and reduced the episode count to 8!

Cobra Kai creators add Nick Zano and Shelley Hennig to Obliterated

Nick Zano is a familiar face to the CW fans, who have diligently followed The Legend of Tomorrow for six seasons. Shelley had a stint on MTV’s Teen Wolf. The actress will reprise her role in the series again when the Teen Wolf: The Movie comes out. However, before that, both of them are set to appear in Obliterated

The show is about a Special Forces Team that is celebrating their mission’s success after deactivating a bomb. But their party is cut short when they learn that it was a fake bomb and the real bomb is still out there. The now intoxicated team takes a hilarious attempt to find the real bomb and diffuse it. Zano plays Chad McKnight, the leader of the SEAL team. He is determined to keep up the high spirit while he works to find the real bomb. On the other hand, Shelley plays the CIA agent, Ava Winters. She’s a stickler for rules and sticks to the books. But everything goes out of the window when she finds herself drunk and working on a case. 

Cobra Kai creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald are all attached to the new series. Counterbalance Entertainment’s Dina Hillier is also serving as executive producer on the show along with the trio. 

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Is there a release date for Obliterated?

The series doesn’t have a release date yet. But Netflix will announce it once it finishes filming. 

If the team can successfully reboot The Karate Kid franchise into a super binge-able series, then the trio can do anything. Are you excited about Obliterated

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