Cobra Kai Cast Test and Review Real Martial Arts Gadgets

Cobra Kai Cast Test and Review Real Martial Arts Gadgets

Right from the release of Cobra Kai season 4, fans have been given a lot of content on and off-screen. This includes BTS videos, clips of scenes before the season’s release, and a ton of interviews. In fact, the cast of Cobra Kai has even surprised Andrew Garfield during the promotion for Tick, Tick… Boom!

During an interview with WIRED, the cast tested out different martial arts gadgets. Here’s the interview video:

Here are the pieces of equipment the Cobra Kai cast tested and reviewed:

Tiger Claw Eagle Catcher

This torturous-looking equipment actually has a pretty simple utility. Each of its 5 hooks help with finger strength training. The spring helps users decide the intensity of their training. Although it’s questionable how it would work for smaller hands, as a user pointed out, the device overall seems solid.

Cobra Kai cast’s rating: 5/5

Boxing Mitt Human Head

This device is certainly as interesting as it sounds. While not technically a “device”, this piece of equipment is meant to help combat fighters increase the accuracy of their attacks with a fake human head as a prop.

Cobra Kai cast’s rating: 4/ 5

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Rebreakable boards

Many a time, we see karate, taekwondo, and other martial art fighters break boards for their training. Instead of getting a new board with every single kick, they can replace it with this rebreakable board. They come in different sizes and strengths and, as Tanner Buchanan has pointed out many times, they’re extremely environment-friendly.

Cobra Kai cast’s rating: 5/5

MMA Boxing Reflex Ball

This device is attached to your head and is meant to train your reflexes. While its name makes it sound super intense, it actually is more on the entertaining side, something the cast of the Netflix series agrees with. It does get extra points for being a potentially fun party game, though.

Cobra Kai cast’s rating: 5/5

Special edition Peyton List rating: 4/5

Vibrating Massage Ball

Who hasn’t seen advertisements for pain-relieving massagers that never seem to work? This ball does exactly that. Despite its high price, the cast says that it doesn’t give more sensation than a vibrating phone.

Cobra Kai cast’s rating:1/5

Now that you’ve seen the cast of the Netflix Original series in an interview, don’t forget to stream the show. Season 4 of Cobra Kai is out on Netflix now!

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