EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Kai Season 4 Final Fight Behind the Scene Pictures

EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Kai Season 4 Final Fight Behind the Scene Pictures

The fourth season of the popular martial arts drama, Cobra Kai, aired on Netflix on 31st December 2021. It has proved to be one of the most trending shows on the streaming platform since its release. However, fans were desperately awaiting the behind-the-scenes visuals of the latest season. Well, the wait is finally over as Cobra Kai’s screenwriter, Jon Hurwitz, shared the behind-the-scenes images of the last fight on his Twitter feed. Here’s a look at our beloved cast during the filming of the last fight.

Cobra Kai Season 4 final fight recap

Jon Hurwitz shares the images of filming the final fight of the latest season. For a recap, the third season had concluded with a pact between Daniel, Johnny, and Kreese. The pact stated that the loser of the upcoming All Valley Karate Tournament would permanently close their dojos.

In the fourth season, the old rivals, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, have no choice but to join forces to beat Cobra Kai. Furthermore, Kreese observes this alliance and plans a big surprise for them. He goes to meet his old buddy, Terry Silver, whom many of you might know from the Karate Kid film series. Terry has moved on from Cobra Kai; however, Kreese brings out the void of bloodlust that he had suppressed for so long.

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As the series progresses, Kreese and Silver begin to train the Cobra Kai disciples in their merciless way. Meanwhile, Daniel and Johnny teach each other their respective techniques to train their students better. However, their alliance faces its own challenges as there is no harmony between the 2 Senseis. As a result, they separate their dojos yet again. 

Conclusion of the fight

Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang take part in the upcoming tournament separately while Cobra Kai’s new student and sensei prove to be a tremendous help. The tournament commences and the intense fights unfold, resulting in two of the fiercest fighters of the men’s category reaching the final. Fans were a bit dejected as Miguel suffers a back issue in his Semi-Final fight.

One thing Cobra Kai teaches us is to never give up. As a result, people put all their hopes on Hawk. It won’t be an exaggeration when we say that the final fight had it all. From nail-biting moments to the fierce exchange of blows, it was a delight to watch. However, only one victor would emerge from this battle. Fans roared as Hawk struck down the final blow and became the 52nd All Valley Men’s karate champion.

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Behind the scenes images of the fight

Let’s take a look at the behind-the-scenes images of the final fight, shared by Jon Hurwitz.

Here are some fans’ reactions to the tweet.

Cobra Kai never fails to deliver. The latest season proved to be an entertaining watch for the fans. The season-ending has left high hopes in the fan’s minds for the upcoming Season 5. What did you think of the exclusive Cobra Kai BTS?

All seasons of Cobra Kai are available for streaming on Netflix.

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