Clocks That Give A Glimpse Through Time, ‘Locke And Key’ and ‘Stranger Things’ Are A Little Too Obsessed With Time?

Clocks That Give A Glimpse Through Time, ‘Locke And Key’ and ‘Stranger Things’ Are A Little Too Obsessed With Time?

The passage of time is one of the most important and powerful things in the world and yet the most difficult thing to understand, as we cannot escape or change it. Since the dawn of cinema, time has been something humans should value, while it also is a key to understanding the unfolding of events through the narrative. For instance, we saw the connection between Vecna and Grandfather clock in Stranger Things. The Upside Down king himself uses his powers to go back and forth in time to tell his story and that of others. Similarly, Locke and Key seems to factor in time in its upcoming season.

The Netflix Original has used the time to drive its various plotlines on many occasions. Sometimes, it’s through the memories accessed via the Head Key or recounted stories of older characters. Regardless, time is important in Locke and Key as much as it is in Stranger Things. But are these two shows a little too obsessed with time and clocks? Let’s find out.

Bode has found a time key in the final season of Locke and Key

Netflix Original Locke and Key has returned with its magic keys, new threats, and curious characters. However, this comeback is bittersweet. It’s heartbreaking to think that we will be saying our goodbyes to this unique plot of keys opening gates to new worlds. Season 3 will be the conclusion of Locke and Key, where we will meet the main villain Frederick, who led that energy into the human world.

Meanwhile, Bode continues to find new keys that unlock different mysteries of the Locke house. One of them is the time key; we saw in the trailer that Bode finds it in the grand clock of his home. Surprisingly, that key allows the characters to travel back in time and see things that led to the present consequences their family is facing. 

The grandfather clock also reminds us of another fan-favorite show: Stranger Things. In season 4 of the show, we learned that the grandfather clock (and Vecna in extension) is connected to all the events thus far— from the deaths of characters to Upside Down flooding like lava on Hawkins soil. There are several instances people believe that connect striking numbers of the clock to Vecna’s intentions.

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Time reveals the past and future in both shows

Fans have surely heard the chiming clock in the background of Stranger Things indicating something that’s about to happen. Max and other characters rightfully deduced that the clock strikes only four times, indicating four deaths at Vecna’s hand to cause the fall of Hawkins. Moreover, time had created a frame for Vecna’s victims that they will die within 24 hours of hearing the clock’s sounds.

However, Locke and Key gives a glimpse of characters dwelling with the past through this new key when the Locke siblings get to know the truths of the past and Captain Gideon’s intentions. So, it is safe to assume that the capabilities of time travel will bring in a storm in the new season as the barrier between two worlds no longer exists.

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Another adventure awaits viewers as the show will make its arrival on Netflix on 10 August. So keep your seat tight and your breath light! 

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