CLEVER! Kate Middleton’s One POWERFUL Parenting Skill That Makes Her an Inspirational Mother

CLEVER! Kate Middleton’s One POWERFUL Parenting Skill That Makes Her an Inspirational Mother

Kate Middleton and Prince William are parents of three adorable children, Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. It was only a few days back that reports suggested that the Princess of Wales can not use the Middleton model of parenting on her children. She is inclined towards protecting the privacy of her little ones from the public eye.

However, the three royals, especially Prince George, need to be there in the media for the people to see and connect. Not having a relationship with the Britishers from childhood can make the life of George miserable in the future as the king. Despite being exposed to the media, the Wales children lead a normal life at their home thanks to their mother, Kate Middleton. Meanwhile, Middleton also uses special parenting skill to instill etiquette and good values in her children. 

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Kate Middleton shares a good relationship with her three children

Parenting expert Angela Karanja recalled an incident from the late Prince Philip’s memorial service in 2022 to laud Kate Middleton. The event captured the Princess of Wales sharing a heartwarming moment with Princess Charlotte. The little princess looked nervous at the beginning of the ceremony. Thus, Middleton leaned toward her and whispered a few words to cheer her up. Meanwhile, there was another incident that saw the future queen consort using a shh sign to tell her daughter to behave. 

“I think what’s even more important is that Kate did not just correct, telling Charlotte to ‘shh’ and be quiet at that pivotal moment, but she took time to connect,” Angela said while speaking to The Express.

The expert believes that Kate Middleton displayed signs of powerful and positive parenting in the event. She further added how the Princess of Wales never uses anger as a medium to educate her children publicly. She always makes sure to not attack them and corrects them as politely as possible. 

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Do you agree with the comments made by Angela Karanja? Is Kate Middleton’s parenting style good? Drop your views in the comments below. 

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