Classic Ridley Scott Film Sequel Gets a ‘Normal’ Star – ‘Gladiator 2’ to Feature Paul Mescal

Classic Ridley Scott Film Sequel Gets a ‘Normal’ Star – ‘Gladiator 2’ to Feature Paul Mescal

Over the years, Hollywood has seen innumerable films and shows. However, a few of them tend to stand out leaving an impression on the audience, even years after their release. Fitting that description is the 2000s, blockbuster Gladiator. The historical fiction film took the world by storm. The film earned over $450.6 million dollars worldwide. Owing to such an incredible performance, the film is all set to receive a sequel almost 2 decades later. As per reports, the Normal People breakout Paul Mescal might be the latest addition to the cast of Paramount’s Gladiator sequel.

Despite a troubled production, Gladiator was one of the highest-grossing films back in the day. Over the years, we have witnessed a trend of making sequels and remakes of classic films and shows. Each sequel brings with it new plots and characters to the story. And it seems like the Ridley Scott classic is also joining the bandwagon. Interestingly, there seem to be some changes in the cast as well.

Paul Mescal to join the cast of the Gladiator sequel

Paul Mescal is a very popular young talent in Hollywood. The 26-year-old Irish actor is incredibly popular and has starred in a number of movies and shows. To add to his list of work, Mescal might be in talks with Paramount Pictures to be a part of the cast of the sequel to Gladiator. As per reports, Mescal will play the role of Lucius the son of Lucilla. Time and again, Ridley Scott has revealed that he would return for a sequel to this blockbuster. And it looks like we might just get some major updates on Gladiator 2 very soon.

Previously in 2021, Scott confirmed that a script is already ready. Reportedly the sequel will follow the 2000’s hit Gladiator. Furthermore, the Prometheus director revealed in an interview with Deadline, “there are enough components from the first one to pick up the ball and continue it”. 

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However, there seem to be some changes in the sequel as well. Gladiator 2 will likely focus on the character of Lucius. The sequel will feature Lucius now a grown man as the story takes place after years. As of late, there is no update on who will play the remaining characters in the movie.

Although Mescal has starred in some very memorable shows the role of Lucius is surely challenging. Do you think the Irish actor will be able to play it perfectly? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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