City of Stars to Shine Great White Way as Oscar-Winning Musical ‘La La Land’ Heads to Broadway

City of Stars to Shine Great White Way as Oscar-Winning Musical ‘La La Land’ Heads to Broadway

La La Land was released in 2016 with all its musical brilliance, and naturally, people are not over it. And they likely won’t for a long period. Debates surrounding how perfect and how flawed Seb and Mia’s characters were, how classic and how modern the music was, and one entirely dedicated to Gosling’s nod towards the ending are still being discussed five years later as if it were just released.

Damien Chazelle brought to our screens a masterpiece that molded into the perfect comfort watch for most of us. And in 2023, Bartlett Sher plans to do the same, except on a stage. Watching La La Land on the screens can be described as ‘magical’, and so can the moment when it almost received the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards. But La La Land, a synergy of artists’ creativity and struggle, is meant for the stage, and that is set to happen at The Great White Way.

La La Land to land on the Broadway stage

Chazalle’s direction could only come close to the light of the scorching sun as it did thanks to the music of Justin Hurwitz paired with the lyrics of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. And the Broadway adaptation did not take away from it, making sure that Hurwitz, Pasek, and Paul are still in charge of the melodies.

The script will be written by Ayad Akhtar and Matthew Decker, more specifically, based on a book written by them. The Broadway musical will miss one of the key ingredients of this Michelin star dish, and that is its cast.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will understandably not be a part of the Broadway show owing to their busy schedules. Gosling is awaiting the release of his Greta Gerwig movie and Stone has been getting in some family time with her new baby.

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While Stone and Gosling will not be making it to the cast, the cast will undoubtedly be exciting. Although the creators behind this good cause have yet to reveal the cast or the release date. La La Land‘s producer Marc Platt said “I’m thrilled to reunite with Lionsgate and the incredible team behind ‘La La Land’ to adapt the movie for the Broadway stage, the next exciting chapter in its evolution,” as reported by Variety.

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