Ciri and Her Transformation in the Witcher From Season 1 to Season 2

Ciri and Her Transformation in the Witcher From Season 1 to Season 2

From running through woods and hiding from Nilfgaard to fighting Nilfgaardian soldiers and standing her ground against them, Ciri certainly has grown the most out of any character from The Witcher. The character, who used to be a naive young girl, is growing up to be a bada** character and fans are in love. Here is how Ciri has transformed from season 1 to season 2 of The Witcher.

Ciri’s powers in The Witcher Netflix series

The first time we saw Ciri use her powers was when she screamed and made a monolith fall in an attempt to run away from Cahir. At this point, she had no idea what her powers were, let alone how to control them. Over time, under the guidance of the Witchers and with the help of powerful mages like Yennefer, she learns to control Chaos and use it to her own benefit. Her swordsmanship and other non-magical traits have also taken a turn for the better.

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The Swallow and The White Wolf- is Ciri Geralt’s daughter?

The best part about Ciri and Geralt’s relationship is that it brings out the best of both of them. Ciri had suffered the loss of her parents at a very young age, followed by the death of her grandmother Calanthe and Mousesack. Geralt provided the comfort and security of a family that the Swallow was missing.

As for Geralt, we have seen how the White Wolf had always had a desire to protect those around him. Perhaps this comes from the loss of his mother at a young age. But, as we recall from the story he told Roach about the very first monster he ever killed, he had always suppressed his need to do so. With the arrival of Ciri in his life, he has finally had the chance to fully embrace this side of his by protecting and guiding his daughter.

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Character development

Ciri and Geralt’s relationship was the most significant part of The Witcher season 2. When Ciri was struggling to come to terms with her identity and past and as a result, wanted to walk The Trail of Grasses in order to become a Witcher. This action could have killed her and Geralt was only able to save her by a very close call. The words he says to her are some of the best lines of the entire Netflix Original.

Neither you nor I can just forget who we are. We can’t kill our feelings. Our best chance is to kill any hatred that we may hold on to and move on.

This sets the tone for Ciri’s character development and her focus on the future instead of the past from then.

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What’s in store for Ciri in The Witcher season 3 and beyond?

The Witcher season 2 ended with the most jaw-dropping revelation as we discovered that Duny was Emhyr van Emreis, or the mysterious White Flame, and his quest was to find Ciri. In further seasons of the Netflix live-action series, we will discover why he did what he did and how his actions will affect the Swallow and the White Wolf.

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