Christmas Came Early for Will Ferrell When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Got Him a Surprise Gift

Christmas Came Early for Will Ferrell When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Got Him a Surprise Gift

After years of aching to work with him, Ryan Reynolds finally got Will Ferrell onboard for a Christmas fare. The duo got together for a holiday movie, Spirited, to usher in the celebrations. The movie is a modern musical take on the classic Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol.

While the duo had great fun filming the hilarious musical, Ferrell was not at all expecting a surprise from Blake Lively, as he received an early Christmas gift from her!

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Ryan Reynolds surprised Will Ferrell with jelly tap shoes from his wife Blake Lively

Blake had sent custom-made jelly tap shoes for the senior comedic actor while they were rehearsing. During the rehearsal, when Ryan Reynolds gifted him the show, Ferrell was a sport, and he wore the shoes immediately. He planned to rehearse in those shoes, but unfortunately, the shoes “disintegrated” pretty quickly. 

“I had seen that Blake had been photographed wearing and bringing back jellies and then she made me jelly tap shoes that I tried to rehearse in. Then they immediately disintegrated,” he revealed.

Spirited choreographer Chloe Arnold further corroborated the story in another interview. She confessed to being utterly confused when the Deadpool star pulled out a pair of shoes to give to Ferrel. But she soon got the whole picture. However, despite the little fun the duo had, the entire filming experience was “joyful,” “purposeful,” and “unique.” 

Ferrell is playing the Christmas Ghost of Present that unwittingly chooses the wrong Scrooge this year to reform. Reynolds plays a kind of Scrooge character who turns the table on Ferrell and makes him question his past, present, and future. This is the first time the audience will see the classic tale taking place from the perspective of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

The movie arrives in the theaters on November 11 before bowing to Apple +TV on Nov 18. 

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Getting footage of Will Ferrell dancing in jelly tap shoes with Ryan would have been great, don’t you agree?

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