Christina P Is Back, Funnier Than Before in Her Latest Comedy Special Mom Genes

Christina P Is Back, Funnier Than Before in Her Latest Comedy Special Mom Genes

After Netflix’s critical and commercial hit, The Lost Daughter, the platform is bringing another show centered around motherhood. However, unlike the precedent, the new show is a comedy special. Christina P is back, yet again is outdoing herself, in her latest comedy special named Mom Genes. Here’s the trailer of the same:

What will Christina P: Mom Genes be about?

From the trailer, we know what this comedy special will focus on. Christina P is popular among fans of stand-up comedy for drawing from her own life. Most of her works include hilarious accounts of events from her life. We know the upcoming Netflix series is going to be the same as she recounts the horrors and the upsides of being a mother. While everything she goes through because of her baby makes her want to throw that baby in a river, the little one smiles at her, leaving her wanting 10 more of the same.

The concept of motherhood isn’t new to Christina P. The renowned comedian has a popular comedy podcast called Where My Moms At? That also talks about being a mother in modern times. Apart from this, Christina also co-hosts a podcast called Your Mom’s House with her husband Tom Segura.

Christina P, and her husband, Tom Segura

On Netflix, she has already made a mark with two of her previous comedy specials – They are Mother Inferior and The Degenerates. The former recounts her accounts of her own childhood, growing up and finally facing the horrors of childbirth. The Degenerates, on the other hand, is a series of stand-up comedy sessions by popular comedians including Christina P, Donnell Rawlings, Nikki Glaser, Jay Oakerson, and more. They yet again make the audience laugh on accounts of their personal stories.

Until Christina P: Mom Genes is going to release on Netflix on May 8, stream the others on the platform!

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