Chloe Fineman Scams Her Way to SNL by Spoofing Anna Delvey in “Inventing Chloe”, Also Featuring Oscar Isaac

Chloe Fineman Scams Her Way to SNL by Spoofing Anna Delvey in “Inventing Chloe”, Also Featuring Oscar Isaac

After engaging ourselves in the Netflix con show, Inventing Anna, many of us want to soak in some characteristics of the con artist and test if we can do the perfect act of Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin. Just like other viewers, Chloe Fineman also tries to channel her inner con artist to get what she wants around her workplace. But trust us, she took all the wrong lessons from Anna from Netflix’s hit show on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

She takes up a lot of physical characters of the fake German Heiress, including the black-bold glasses, with the bizarre accent, and even demanded insane things from her fellow cast members and guest host Oscar Isaac.

When she saw her colleagues eating chips in her presence, she claims the staff cafeteria needs to be upgraded. She declares, “We need something more exclusive. More VIP. Like Nobu.”

So, without further ado, let’s explore how Chloe Fineman engraves her impression as Anna, on the show Inventing Chloe.

Chloe Fineman as Inventing Anna’s Anna Delvey

Chloe Fineman ramped up her inner Anna Delvey on the latest Saturday Night Live Sketch, where she scammed the writer and made her way to the stage. The show started when Chloe started watching Netflix’s show Inventing Anna, like most of us. In the show, she sees a co-star holding a sandwich—her sandwich as she claims later. And that’s the start of her transformation into Anna Delvey with her bizarre German-Russian accent. The new Chloe terrifies everyone, from the receptionist in the break room to guest host Oscar Isaac.

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She even throws a card to the receptionist and demands him to “run the card”. But to the receptionist’s surprise, the card turns out to be a Metro card.

But Chloe’s reign of terror continues to dominate her other colleagues, like from one colleague she took his personal couch, and from another colleague, she took away his show. To get her way, she says, “I assure you his text is on the way. He’s in the Hamptons right now. Reception is very bad, very VIP.”

In another scene, she even tells Oscar that he looks poor, but he can’t understand her accent. After many repetitions, he finally got it. Finally, when the receptionist asks for her “wire transfer”, she fashionably broke down and starts spiraling, while screaming, “I am a Masterpiece, bitches.”

Our words don’t do justice to the phenomenal portrayal that Chloe has showcases on SNL. Watch the video above to truly grasp her performance, and stream Inventing Anna on Netflix to see if Fineman deserves an Oscar for her acting. We certainly do!

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