Chloe Cherry Sends the Internet Wheezing After Stealing $28 Blouse From Store, Fans Say She Is a ‘Method Actor’

Chloe Cherry Sends the Internet Wheezing After Stealing $28 Blouse From Store, Fans Say She Is a ‘Method Actor’

Back in 2019, the megahit series Euphoria held open gates for fresh faces to join the show. One of them was Chloe Cherry, who previously worked as a pornographic actress. The famous teen drama became her way into the entertainment industry after she received an audition email out of the blue. Following two virtual tries and a personal meeting in LA, she finally got the role.

The American model played the role of a junky prostitute named Faye, who lived with two unlikely roommates. She received much appreciation for her excellent comedic timing and spaced-out one-liners in the show. And now the 25-year-old star has once again sent the internet wheezing after being accused of stealing a $28 blouse from a store.

Euphoria star Chloe Cherry caught up in the storm of robbery allegations 

Chloe Cherry is allegedly accused of stealing a $28 blouse from a store in her hometown. According to Lancaster Online, the actor was charged with misdemeanor retail theft in January. This scandal started when the shopping mall authorities saw the former p**n star taking a Moda International blouse on December 27.

The footage showed that Cherry entered the dressing room with the blouse, but it wasn’t there when she came out. So the employees assumed that the Willow Street native had taken it. Moreover, it was also revealed that she did pay for things through her credit card, which did not include the Moda blouse.

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Subsequently, the matter involved police verification and the model then agreed that she took the item. Speaking about the incident to TMZ, the actress’ representative denied the claim by adding that there was confusion and that Cherry never admitted to stealing the $28 blouse.

Fans endlessly troll the Euphoria star on Twitter 

Twitterati are slamming Chloe Cherry for stealing a simple blouse on the internet. They made hilarious claims about the actress that she is still living in the Euphoria world. While many asked for the money she earned from the series.

The first user said, “she’s staying in character even when the cameras aren’t rolling. The dedication truly is remarkable.” 

“Maybe she was method acting for her role in the show?!,” commented a second user.

“okay but they still don’t be getting paid that good from euphoria, so,” remarked another.

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