Children’s Netflix Halloween Recommendations Based on Adults’ Shows and Movies

Children’s Netflix Halloween Recommendations Based on Adults’ Shows and Movies

Kids can be cranky. And picky. It’s always a long task deciding what to eat, what to do, what to watch. And this task is made infinitely more grueling on Halloween. Netflix Family has resolved this issue on Twitter as of now. Here are some Netflix Halloween recommendations for the little ones in your life based on thrillers you like.

Still not sure about these recommendations? Here’s a little more about these Halloween night binge-worthy shows and movies-

Nightbooks for lovers of Locke & Key

Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode Locke from Locke & Key were certainly fan-favorites this year. Anyone who likes Locke & Key would definitely love the show Nightbooks. This Netflix original for kids revolves around horror story fan Alex, who must tell a blood-curdling story every night or stay trapped in a wicked witch’s magical apartment forever.

The Water Man for those who favor Clickbait

Clickbait was a great show. Definitely recommended. But it also wasn’t essentially very child-friendly. So if you want any children surrounding you to watch anything similar, Netflix Family recommends The Water Man.

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The Water Man is a rather wholesome movie about an 11-year-old Gunner Boone who is on a quest to save his mother. The movie shows the very tender familial affiliation that Clickbait does. While The Water Man is a drama thriller, the ending will leave the viewers feeling pretty warm. Rather ideal, isn’t it?

Afterlife of the Party for Lucifer enthusiasts

If not for all the explicit content, Lucifer would be a rather nice series recommendation for kids. The fallen angel, king of hell, begins feeling compassionate and hopeful about humanity after billions of years. If you’ve always wanted children to watch something similar, there could be nothing better than Afterlife of the Party. AOTP is about the social butterfly Cassie who dies in a freak accident and has to right her wrongs on Earth to earn her wings.

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Goosebumps for Fear Street 2 fans out there

We all wish we’d saved Fear Street Part 2 for Halloween when we devoured it in July. Well, that cannot be undone, but here’s a child-friendly version of the same movie- Goosebumps. The movie is a child version of a must-watch.

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Which movie will you be adding to your list?

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