Cheer Season 2 Is Not Just About Jerry Harris But Much More That Is At Stake

Cheer Season 2 Is Not Just About Jerry Harris But Much More That Is At Stake

Unlike the live-action genre, Netflix has really cracked the documentary genre. One such documentary is Cheer, which won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. Netflix would not dare drop such a good documentary, and thus we get season 2 of Cheer.

Season one was just a look at the lives of Monica Aldama, head coach of Navarro Cheer, and her students. But season 2 is an entirely new ball game, of course not literally, as they are cheerleaders. So, cheer up as we look at what the latest season offers.

Drastic changes in Cheer season 2

The first season of the documentary premiered on January 8, 2020, almost before COVID. After the premiere, the documentary racked up massive viewership, thanks to the lockdown. The second season shows the true character of the athletes and Monica, as they have to handle this newfound stardom.

Although the lockdown might have given the athletes fame, there are consequences. First, the team couldn’t get any practice during the lockdown and had trouble getting back into the rhythm. Furthermore, the documentary has also raised the pressure on the entire team, as fans had high expectations.

New rivals and a shocking revelation

Season 2 also follows the troubles of Navarro Cheer, with a strong competitor waiting for them. The first season ended with Navarro Cheer as the Junior College National Champions, which has made them a target for other teams. Trinity Valley with head coach Vontae Johnson has been preparing his team to give a tough time to Navarro.

The F.B.I. has arrested Jerry Harris, one of the breakout stars of Navarro, and it has affected the team. The trailer shows Jerry’s teammates shocked by his arrest, but cheerleading helps them overcome this hard time. There are other personal battles that every student has to fight before they step on the mat.

Fan reactions and critic reviews for the latest season

The latest season has divided the fans into small fractions who support different characters. However, no single fraction overpowers the other as there is equal support for each character on Twitter. As expected, fans made hilarious memes on the second season of docuseries.

Critics have thoroughly assessed and given their opinions on season two. Variety says: “There’s so much to love about “Cheer”: the stories, the people, the impressive filmmaking that make both come to such vivid life. But its popularity, exponentially multiplied by Netflix’s incredible reach across the globe, also revealed the cost of fame for those who aren’t ready for it.”

Decider says: “STREAM IT. Cheer ramps up the stakes in its second season with the addition of a rival team and an unflinching examination of what overnight success can do to a group of people. It’s a must-see sports doc for super-fans and casual viewers alike.”

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So, you can check out season 2 of Cheer on Netflix. Fans will be happy to know that the second season of Cheer has nine episodes three more than the first one.

Let us know in the comments how excited are you for the second season of Cheer.

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