Checkout Ryan Reynolds Being a Total Fanboy for the Singer Who Voiced a Song for ‘Free Guy’

Checkout Ryan Reynolds Being a Total Fanboy for the Singer Who Voiced a Song for ‘Free Guy’

Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds was known for its story and the performances. The unique storyline, where a normal guy from a video game turns the tables and makes the audience go wow, was incredible. Nobody ever thought that an ignored character can change their perspective. However, there is another reason behind the success of the film: a song that was featured in it. An old classic that was covered yet again for this film, making people all nostalgic. The song is called Fantasy, and it is sung by legendary singer Mariah Carey.

Apparently, Ryan Reynolds is a huge fan of the 53-year-old singer. He has been gushing over her song that was featured in his film.

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Ryan Reynolds calls the song “the engine of the film”

Apparently, the actor has quite a few stories relating to the song. One of them is when Ryan Reynolds and Mariah tried to create a TikTok featuring this song. But, the 45-year-old actor made a mistake and added an unexpected move to the song. This made the singer glare at him and gave him a bemused look. Despite the chaos, Ryan keeps expressing how grateful he is to the singer and the song.

According to him, the song played a key role in enhancing the story. He called it “awesome” and “the engine of the film.” He has admitted this several times that the involvement of the song in the film was completely natural.

The actor told Variety that initially, he was going with another song called Your Love by The Outfield. This song was a huge hit in the 80s and is really great. However, it did not match the scale Ryan had in mind and, hence, was rejected. Eventually, he came across Fantasy and got the perfect song that matched his imagination.

All that he had to do now was to convince Mariah to let him feature it in his film. Mariah understood the assignment, and that is how we got to enjoy this masterpiece in its new form.

The film is not available on Netflix right now, but if you can’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds, you can see him in another brilliant role in The Adam Project.

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