Check These ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Parallel That We Never Expected

Check These ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Parallel That We Never Expected

The excitement among Enola Holmes 2 fans upon its release is quite visible. The second installment of the franchise has just come out after much anticipation and excitement. However, the enjoyment is not limited to the Holmes enthusiasts. The Potterheads must be quite enthralled about the same, too. 

This came in light of a Tweet that recently got viral overnight. The tweet pointed out some uncanny similarities between the Enola Holmes Franchise and the Harry Potter series. Since many of us failed to notice these, the Tweet surprised us with some mind-boggling parallels drawn between the two shows. 

Uncanny similarities between the cast and characters of Enola Holmes 2 and Harry Potter

Besides the actors, who have seemingly confused the viewers, our protagonists, too, share more or less the same background story. Both Enola and Harry have seemingly suffered the loss of their parents. Although in Harry’s case, it is the permanent loss of both parents, while in Enola’s she is temporarily distanced from her mother. Apart from them, let us take a look at other characters. 

First and foremost, Fiona Shaw has played the role of two important characters in both franchises. Hence, it definitely cannot be left unnoticed. In the Holmes house, she played the strict headmistress of Enola’s finishing school, while at Harry’s she portrayed Aunt Petunia, who always overlooked Harry and gave him a tough time. Both are famous for having unconventional relations with the protagonists. 

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Secondly, it is undoubtedly David Thewlis who played the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Professor Lupin. He has appeared once again on our screens as Superintendent Grail, who feeds fat an ancient grudge against Sherlock Holmes. 

Next is our very own Frances De La Tour. Although known for her side characters in both series, she can never go ignored. The tweet spotted the parallels as she played the big-boned half-giantess Madame Olympe Maxime, the headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Whereas in Enola Holmes, she portrayed the runaway viscount Tewkesbury’s grandmother, The Dowager. 

Lastly, the most prominent of all similitudes possible, is Helena Bonham Carter, who played Bellatrix, a major antagonist in the fantasy franchise. While in Enola Holmes, she once again played the central character as Lady Eudoria Holmes, the matriarch of the Holmes hegemony

Have you seen Enola Holmes 2 yet? If yes, were you able to find these amazing similarities between the two fan-favorite shows? Let us know in the comments below. 

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