Check Out the Pseudo-Assistants of Ryan Reynolds, Who Are Exhausted by the Actor’s Business Deals

Check Out the Pseudo-Assistants of Ryan Reynolds, Who Are Exhausted by the Actor’s Business Deals

Ryan Reynolds is an extremely busy person. Not just the people around him but the world is aware of this fact. The 46-year-old actor has been living a busy life since he started investing time and money in businesses other than films. And with the fourth baby on board, the actor is swamped.

Observing his hectic lifestyle, some of the actor’s fans saw it as an opportunity to create a hilarious video. Morning Brew journalist Dan Toomey and fellow journalist Macy Gilliman made a crisp video on the Deadpool actor’s busy business schedule while they pretended to be his assistants.

The two pretend assistants of the actor begin the conversation by discussing the actor’s idea for witty pregnancy tests. This was a clear indication of Reynolds’s love for babies. They also satirically said that the Canadian American actor wants them to call him the Jay Z of handsome white guys. But why did these two make this hilarious video on the actor?

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The reason behind this Ryan Reynolds roasts

The primary reason behind this hysterical roast of the actor was his billion-dollar deal. The actor recently sold his growing mobile company Mint mobiles to T mobiles and made around $1.25 billion. He had shared ownership of the company for more than three years now.

Fans were excited for the actor because of this grand deal, but a couple chose to roast the actor in a fun way rather than following others and end it with just praise. Toomey and Gillman also said, “we kinda miss when celebrities used to be just celebrities instead of being business gods who were trying to win capitalism.”

The journalists even introduced a fake body double of the actor wearing his face mask in the video. He was trying to keep an eye on them. Gilliman pretends not to go to the washroom and lies to the Proposal actor about it, showcasing that even his assistants are so busy they are not allowed a bathroom break.

A well-written and performed video of these two is going viral on Twitter and even caught the eye of Reynolds, who liked it.

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