Dr. Elvira Recommends More Movies & Shows for Netflix and Chills as Halloween Season Ends

Dr. Elvira Recommends More Movies & Shows for Netflix and Chills as Halloween Season Ends

Ever since Dr. Elvira told us that she would guide us through Spook-tober, we awaited her weekly recommendations for movies that would send chills down our spines. As the day before yesterday was the last day of the month of October, it was the last and final day to meet Dr. Elvira on Netflix and Chills and receive her suggestions.

It just doesn’t seem natural, right? I mean, how can Elvira look so stunning all these years without much of an effort? We try our best on Halloween night, but we barely look as good as her; what is her secret? Well, according to the Queen of Halloween, it is, “Lots and lots of scary stories, obviously, duh!”

Anyway, in the last session of her series of prescriptions, Elvira has gotten us a platter full of scary supernatural stories.

No One Gets Out Alive

It seems like it that Elvira thinks our hearts beat a little too slow. Hence, to speed up the heart rate, she has brought us the story of an immigrant who is in search of the American Dream. Alas! she ends up finding a pretty creepy roommate who does everything humanly (and non-humanly) possible to mess with her. No One Gets Out Alive will probably make you feel good, but it will definitely make you feel bad. Happy Halloween munchkins.

Night Teeth: picked by Elvira on Netflix

It has been so long since we got a good vampire story. According to Elvira, these blood-thirsty creatures bring a sense of well-being. Let’s just agree with her cause this is Elvira we are talking about. Night Teeth follows two vampires as they go from party to party in the city of Los Angeles with their cute-looking cab driver. The movie even stars the hottest Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney; I mean, Megan is a reason in itself to watch a movie. So go check it out!

A final dive in the sea of horror

Before Dr. Elvira of Netflix bids adieu, she has a small list of classic horror and creepy movies that you must watch. First is Fever Dream, based on Samanta Schweblin’s novel of the same name. This movie received great appreciation for uncovering fears that are both universal and subjective.

Other films on her list are Red Blood Sky from Germany; Veronica and The Platform from Spain. Finally, a story about an immigrant’s struggle to live in the UK in His House.

On that note, Elvira said a love-filled goodbye to all of us; she of course wished us an eternity of unpleasant dreams, but let’s not talk about that?

Which one of Elvira’s recommendations will you watch?

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