Charlie Heaton Talks About the Importance of Relationships in ‘Stranger Things’, His Character, and His New Friend Argyle

Charlie Heaton Talks About the Importance of Relationships in ‘Stranger Things’, His Character, and His New Friend Argyle

Although the show is Science Fiction and has supernatural elements to it, it is fascinating to see the characters struggling with normal, everyday relationship issues. The majority of the characters were just kids when they first starred in the show. As they grew up, they started having actual issues along with the supernatural ones. So it’s no surprise that much of season 4 is about relationships and Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things, has a lot to say about the same.

What does Charlie Heaton say about relationships in Stranger Things?

Even though this show is filled with dramatic and thrilling events, it also has the romance and complexities of the relationships among the characters. In an interview with Will Marfuggi, when asked about how they felt about being able to lean into more mature elements of these characters, Charlie Heaton replied, “it’s so kind of rich that, you know, this huge supernatural sci-fi show to have those real human kind of stories and human issues.”

He also opens up about how his character, Jonathan Byers, faced challenges in relationships and his bewilderment about who he is and which path he would go to. “I think there’s a lot of fear about what he should do…” adds the actor.

He says Jonathan has this new friend, Argyle, who tries to help him in the best way possible, which makes it a little easier for him.

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Charlie adds he had fun playing that character who had relationship issues because, because of his issues, Jonathan got to go on this journey of finding the truth.

Feelings, relationships, and chaos!

Since season 3 ended, the characters parted ways, and they were on their own journey. They have become mature. They have grown intellectually as well as psychologically. What happened when they reunited? The show is now dealing with grief and other real human emotions. So, everything in this department of emotions is a bit chaotic and complex.

We see the spark between Nancy and Steve as well. Are they going to get together? Joe Keery feels that obviously there would be some flame between the two as they were really connected to each other in the past. He says this was what he was looking forward to for this season. So were the fans, Joe!

Is Will going to be able to connect with his best friends like before? Well, according Noah Schnapp, Will just wants to spend time with his friends in the basement like old times.

Moreover, the most exciting part of the season is Max and her journey. She grieves over the loss of her brother, Billy. She faces Vecna and is terrified by the monster. Is she really saved by the Kate Bush or is she still targeted?

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Whatever may happen, we can see all of these characters going through so many rough situations and coming out strong. They can rely on each other. Their off-screen bonding is also visible even when they are lost in the characters they are playing on the screen.

What do you think about the relationships within Stranger Things and their complexities? Let us know in the comments.

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