CENSORED: Risque Photos of Bianca Censori Surface From Life Before Marryin Kanye West

CENSORED: Risque Photos of Bianca Censori Surface From Life Before Marryin Kanye West

Bianca Censori has her own taste in fashion, just like Kanye West. Everyone, including Kim Kardashian, was left surprised when the news of his second marriage hit the media. Just two months after divorcing the socialite, Ye is said to have tied the knot with his 28-year-old Yeezy employee. But not only is she the head of architecture, but she also has quite an active past herself.

Ye is known for always dating models. Even when with Kardashian, they made one fashionable couple. It is no exception with his new bride. However, people cannot help but see her uncanny resemblance to the SKIMS owner. Now, photos of the Australian architect have surfaced, and least to see, they are bold.

Photos of Bianca Censori surface from her life before marrying Kanye West

Kanye West dropped hints of his new bride with the song Censori overload. Now, her surfaced photos explain his songs as the architect leaves little to the imagination. Apparently, she had an Instagram profile that uploaded photos of her, although it has now been deleted. As per DailyMail, one of those photos was of her bare-breasted with hands covering them, wearing a netted top, whilst smoking a cigarette.

Another photo had her taking a selfie in front of the mirror with a super small golden bikini. While the third photo also had an open netted top and a mini skirt with her on her knees. Although the profile is likely deleted or deactivated due to her marriage to a high-profile celebrity like Ye, however, there were reports of her always living the life of the party.

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She was born and brought up in Australia, having completed her master’s in architecture, with her LinkedIn profile stating that she joined Yeezy approximately two years ago. It was also reported that the Kardashian sensed something was brewing between Ye and the architect.

 But so far, the newlyweds have not actually filed for marriage papers. The Gold Digger singer was spotted with a ring while he was first seen with her driving around Beverly Hills. Considering Ye’s own interest in fashion, it is no surprise that he choose someone like-minded.

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