Celebrity TV Host Ellen Degeneres Unveils a New Netflix Game for Anyone Who Loves “Heads Up”: “Whenever, I don’t judge”

Celebrity TV Host Ellen Degeneres Unveils a New Netflix Game for Anyone Who Loves “Heads Up”: “Whenever, I don’t judge”

Netflix had a truly inspiring journey from mailing DVDs to becoming the biggest streaming giant. It’s not wrong to say that the company revolutionized the way viewers consumed content. However, after a decade-long run, Netflix is slowly building its games library. 

The streamer started offering games back in 2021, but this flew under everyone’s radar. However, it looks like the streamer is now putting some effort into marketing its games on the platform. It recently got TV show host Ellen DeGeneres to give a shoutout to Netflix Heads Up! Clever marketing Netflix, we’ll give you that!

Test your Netflix IQ in the new Netflix game Heads Up

Ellen took to Twitter to announce that Netflix has launched its own exclusive Heads Up. She urged the viewers to play the game while chilling with Netflix or after or before. Basically whenever one feels like it. She promises not to judge anyone.

Heads Up is inspired by the popular Charades game. Ellen gave it a fun twist on her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The game requires you to guess the entity’s name on his or her forehead while the other one gives her hints within 1 minute. Ellen has played the fun game several times on her with her guests and the app was even made available on Android and iOS for download.

But Netflix recently came out with an exclusive version of the game that only contains keywords related to Netflix and its shows. So fans of Stranger Things, Bridgerton and etc will find their knowledge about their favorite shows getting tested. 

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The streamer announced the game on August 23. From two to fifty members can play the game. It’s available on both Android and iOS. What’s more is that you can share your progress or boast your wins to friends and family easily on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Since it’s a global platform, the streamer has taken the pain to make the game available in 15 languages! Get the game from your app store or navigate to the Netflix game zone.

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Are you going to take the Heads Up challenge?


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