Celebrate Thanksgiving With FRIENDS on Netflix: Watch These Episodes

Celebrate Thanksgiving With FRIENDS on Netflix: Watch These Episodes

Everyone has their own way of celebrating Thanksgiving, but it usually follows a routine with minor changes. The routine involves watching the parade, followed by football if your team is playing, and then comes food. But, for most of you, Friends Thanksgiving episodes always find a spot, and rightfully so.

Anyone who has watched the hit sitcom from the 90s knows about the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Nine Thanksgiving-themed episodes feature in the 10 seasons of Friends, and we look at the best of them.

The One With Rachel’s Other Sister

This episode features Christina Applegate as Amy or Rachel’s terrible older sister who brings up Emma’s custody if Ross and Rachel die. The conversation takes an awkward turn when Amy finds out Monica and Chandler will get Emma’s custody.

Although the Friends contemplating their deaths would never be easy, the addition of Amy just spiced things up a little too much. This episode features in the 9th season of Friends.

The One With the Late Thanksgiving

No one wants to be late for the Thanksgiving dinner, mostly because of the delicious food. But there are times when prior commitments ruin your plan. Similarly, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross are late for the Thanksgiving dinner at Mondler’s.

Hence, the couple locks out their best friends out of the apartment. All ends well when Chandler and Monica find out that they will be adoptive parents. This is the last Thanksgiving dinner the friends have together in the 10th season, and it surely is emotional.

The One With the Football

Who can forget the legendary ‘Geller Cup’? A normal game of football between friends becomes a Warfield for the Geller siblings. Of course, there is history attached to the game as Monica broke Ross’s nose during the sixth annual ‘Geller Cup’. All in all, this episode, which featured in the second season, could be more fun than your usual NFL game.

The One With the Rumor

Monica invites Will, a high school friend, for the Thanksgiving dinner who was Ross’s close friend. We find out in this episode about the ‘I Hate Rachel’ club and just how mean Rachel was to the founders of the club, Ross and Will.

Will turned out to be none other than Brad Pitt, then Jennifer’s husband. Too bad that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage didn’t work out as well as this Friends Thanksgiving episode. This episode featured in season 8 of the sitcom.

The One With All the Thanksgivings

Monica’s dance with a turkey on her head has become one of the most iconic scenes in TV history. But, all the laughs precede very traumatizing stories by the group. The biggest revelation is Chandler’s hatred for Thanksgiving.

However, the season 5 episode has a bunch of jokes set in flashbacks. In addition, it is weird yet funny to watch the friends during their young-adults phase with completely different hairstyles and outfits.

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Let us know in the comments which Friends Thanksgiving episode is your favorite.

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