Cardi B and Off Set Showcase PDA at the Pre-Grammy Gala, but Fans Have a Rather Mixed Reaction to It

Cardi B and Off Set Showcase PDA at the Pre-Grammy Gala, but Fans Have a Rather Mixed Reaction to It

Cardi B and Off Set sure got into some PDA at pre-Grammys. The couple is definitely one that dazzles in the limelight with having a shared history together of their own ups and down. They have appeared in award shows together several times before, and one thing that the rapper couple is not afraid of is some PDA.

The duo first met in 2016 and tied the knot in 2017 after Off Set popped the question in public, although the news of them getting married got public later on. They share two children together named Kulkutre Kiari Cephus and Wave Set Cephus. Despite spending years together, the two seem to be totally into each other and they proved that with a kiss. But fans have a rather mixed reaction to their PDA.

What did fans have to say about Cardi B and her Pre-Grammy kiss with Off Set?

Cardi B and Off Set are not afraid to show their love for each other. The anticipation for Grammy’s has got everyone excited, and the fun has already begun. With the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party on, cameras were set on both rappers as they posed for the cameras and gave each other a French kiss. But Twitterati were not in on the kiss when Pop Crave tweeted about it. Fans couldn’t help but make comparisons with other celebrities. One fan compared her mullet hairstyle to Miley Cyrus’ while another compared the couple to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, since the latter are known for doing some unusual public PDA.

One commentator pointed out how the two are trying to grab attention since the commentator points out how Cardi B does not have any nominations. However, she will be presenting an award. Most fans in general mentioned how the public display made them feel rather uncomfortable.

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The couple is still together despite almost reaching a divorce due to differences and allegations of cheating against Off Set. While they seemed to have moved on from the incident, fans certainly do not forget to mention it.

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