Cannot Take Henry Cavill Away From ‘The Witcher’! A Group of Mods Replace Geralt With a Realistic Henry, and It Is Crazy

Cannot Take Henry Cavill Away From ‘The Witcher’! A Group of Mods Replace Geralt With a Realistic Henry, and It Is Crazy

After leading the Netflix series The Witcher for two seasons, Henry Cavill has made himself a fan-favorite incarnation. From his catlike eyes, white hair, and world-weary attitude to deadly sword work, he is the perfect monster slayer viewers ever saw. This is why it is becoming more unsettling for fans to accept the fact that he has left the show. The British actor announced his exit from the fantasy drama in October shortly after he confirmed his return as Superman.

Unfortunately, both of the prospects didn’t end well for viewers since this beloved star was also benched from DCU. However, you should not be worried about not being able to see Cavill as the mutated creature after The Witcher season three. There is nothing in the world that can keep us away from the most handsome Witcher. Surprisingly, a dedicated group of mods has replaced Geralt of Rivia with a realistic Henry Cavill and it is enchanting.

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The Witcher 3 mods create an accurate version of Henry Cavill 

The new group of modders has designed the most authentic and realistic character skin for the Witcher 3 game that represents Henry Cavill. According to KOTAKU, this lifelike mod of the actor is called Netflix Henry Cavill V6 NEXTGEN.

This might be the most satisfying view for fans’ eyes who have been mourning the loss of their witcher. Moreover, it might be more surprising to know that it took three designers (Draiamond, kira5z, and rdantas71) to depict an almost original recreation of the 39-year-old artist.

“This mod was made taking into account every detail of Henry Cavill, analyzing numerous photos and even using Facescan,” tells the description.

The NexusMods users divided their work so that the Geralt bears this kind of resemblance with the Enola Holmes star. Draiamond who is the lead designer, carved the whole model and its texture. Kira5z kept an eye on bug testing, recoloring, and reshading. While Rdantas71 carried out different shaving textures so players can choose whatever they like.

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Meanwhile, as for now, fans still have the last chance to see their beloved slayer in the third season. What do you think about the actor kick-starting his career in the gaming world? Drop your comments below.

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