Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds Adds to US Space Force Anthem Memes With a Bizarre Video Edit

Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds Adds to US Space Force Anthem Memes With a Bizarre Video Edit

Ryan Reynolds has a sense of humor never fails to impress. He may have gone from working in comedy movies to action movies, but the comedian in him never left him. He is currently expanding his horizons out of movies and being experimental. But that does not stop Reynolds from being active on social media and keeping his fans entertained. He widely uses his social media accounts to post announcements and creative edits and recently posted an edit that has the internet bursting out in laughter.

Reynolds may have been born in Canada, but The Proposal star got his American citizenship in 2018. And looks like he is not afraid to show off his patriotism in his own wicked way. When the US Space Force came out with their Anthem song, it did not exactly land on people’s radar, but it did land as content on meme pages. Ryan being Ryan jumped onto the bandwagon by adding to the Internet force his own video edit.

Ryan Reynolds makes his version of Space Anthem

The Free Guy lead got on YouTube to share a bizarre video edit version of the Space Force Anthem. This comes after the US Space Force released their anthem song on YouTube, ‘Sempter Supra,’ which in Latin means ‘Always Above.’ It is penned by Jamie Teachanor with music by Sean Nelson. The internet watched and reacted to it, just not the way the Force expected. It has gained momentum as meme material due to its superhero comic-style music. Reynolds also contributed to the trend by adding a YouTube Shorts video on his channel.

The Shorts video is captioned, “The Force is wrong with this one.” It begins with the lyrics, “We’re the might watchful eye. Guardians beyond the blue….” With the Space Force Anthem playing in the hilarious video, we see the scene from Marvel’s Deadpool 2, where the superhero jumps from an aircraft after other people jump off.

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The 2018 X-Force movie was a sequel to Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. The original song in the scene was Thunderstruck by AC/DC, one of the most expensive songs to license. But then, Ryan has over 38.6 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel, and apparently, he would do anything to keep them entertained. The shorts video has received 377k views so far, and people are rolling over them in the comments.

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