Can Zachary Levi’s Desire to Star in ‘Kingdom Come’ Bring Back Henry Cavill to the DC Kingdom?

Can Zachary Levi’s Desire to Star in ‘Kingdom Come’ Bring Back Henry Cavill to the DC Kingdom?

It is not news that DC Studios underwent major changes after James Gunn and Peter Safran took over. While they axed some major characters and actors, including Henry Cavill, the fandom is waiting for the upcoming movie. Shazam! Fury of The Gods will hit the theaters soon, and Zachary Levi expressed his desire to star in Kingdom Come. Can his desire bring the fan-favorite Superman back to the DC Kingdom?

Zachary Levi will come back as Shazam in the upcoming DC movie, and he opened up about it with Den of Geek. While the actor revealed he would sit down with James Gunn and Peter Safran for the upcoming projects, the actor revealed his desires. He shared how he would love it if he could star in the live-action adaptation of Kingdom Come.

Before Levi, the new DC boss, James Gunn, had also teased the idea of bringing the iconic story to life. However, the desires of Zachary Levi were so extreme that he said he could even sacrifice his life to star in the film.

There is no official news about the creation of the film. But can this film bring back the former Witcher to the DC Universe? If yes, how would it be possible for him to come back?

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How can Kingdom Come bring Henry Cavill back to the DC Kingdom?

If you are aware of the story, you would have gotten the idea already. However, Kingdom Come is a comic book miniseries of four issues. Written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, the comics were published in 1996. The story follows the DC characters who have lost their moral compass. They have become reckless and violent, just like the rivals they fight. The characters find themselves fighting their younger selves. Justice League heroes appear once again to determine the future of the planet.

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And fans think this might be the best way to bring back The Tudors actor. To save the lives of humans, Superman can’t hold himself back.

Do you also think the live-action adaptation of Kingdom come can bring Cavill back? Do you think the actor would agree to come back? Feel free to share your thoughts about the return of the British actor in the comment box below.

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