Can You Really Get a Job as One of Netflix Taggers? How Do You Become One?

Can You Really Get a Job as One of Netflix Taggers? How Do You Become One?

Imagine getting paid to watch Netflix; sounds like a dream job doesn’t it? The great part is that it exists! Netflix’s ever-increasing reach means they are always hiring for new positions. And people that work in these positions are called Netflix Taggers. As it turns out, Netflix hires people to watch its series and work on tagging.

They could also be described as Modern-day librarians who know a-z of the Netflix content, including foreign shows. These not only help with the user interface but also keeps you hooked on the streaming service by keeping you engaged in the loop of your favorite genres through similar suggestions.

What are Netflix Taggers and how does it work?

You know how when you are craving some “sad movies with happy endings” and simply put that on the Netflix search box? Well, a member of Netflix makes sure you get your desired results. Netflix Taggers are people that watch the shows and label them appropriately. These can be anything from genre, cast, language, or even profanity. An example search term would be “Musical drama based on real events,” and the result would be Bohemian Rhadopsy. 

How does it work? Capturing the gist of the content in specific words. Netflix has a set team of members who watch the content and tag it with relevant meta descriptions. This team works on manipulating algorithms, optimizing SEOs or finding creative and innovative ways to Tag the shows. However, this does involve watching content for long hours, including ones you may not be into.

Here is how you become a Tagger at Netflix

Eligibility and qualification criteria are as follows. You must be 18 years of age to apply. Appropriate qualifications include having a background in screenplay, film studies, or anything related. Candidates now go through an initial screening process through an exercise test that checked the depth of their knowledge and passion for the job. The thing to remember is most positions of this nature are part-time opportunities on Netflix. Currently, the Netflix website is the only place through which you can find and apply for a Netflix Tagger job. So one should keep an eye out for it every couple of weeks.

The base salary is estimated to be $8.99 per show, the exact updated income is unknown. While the annual salary offered may be very well, a non-disclosure agreement is signed by the employees in regard to the salary. The pros and cons, getting to watch shows as a job description is definitely the best perk. Even better is working for a streaming giant like Netflix while allowing you to work remotely.

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While the con may be that it all comes at the cost of blurry vision and an overload of content. But that never came in the way of a true Netflix Junkie anyway. Would you apply for this job? Comment below.

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