Can You Claim a Netflix Free Trial in 2022?

Can You Claim a Netflix Free Trial in 2022?

Netflix is our go-to source for daily entertainment. For every mood and vibe, the streamer has a show best suited for it. The streamer leaves no chance to keep us hooked on the shows and movies we watch. With new episodes and seasons released now and then, one can’t help but get addicted to it. By providing entertaining and knowledgeable shows, the streaming platform is the perfect destination to cure boredom and spend our free time. While we certainly enjoy streaming shows on Netflix, a few have little or no idea how the streamer works.

They have various queries about the type of shows available on the platform, if they can download and watch them, the charges involved, etc. Therefore, for people to be sure about paying the subscription cost, they need their queries solved. So is a free trial available on Netflix to help people make up their minds? Let us find out.

Is there a Netflix free trial available in 2022?

While all free things are good, it seems like not all good things are free. Unfortunately, Netflix no longer offers a free trial for new users. However, once a user signs up, they can change their plans at their convenience. There are no obligations or minimum periods a user is supposed to use Netflix before canceling their service or altering their current plans. A user can change or cancel their plans whenever they want. And, there is no extra payment a user has to make in the form of cancellation charges.

Here is what Netflix’s official help center website reads: “Netflix does not offer free trials, but you have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide Netflix isn’t for you. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments.” However, the streaming platform did offer a free trial before terminating the feature in October 2020.

Why did the streamer cancel free trials?

Earlier, new users could try a month of free streaming on Netflix without any cost so that they could try it before buying. The streamer used to give every user ample time for free streaming shows and movies on its platform prior to charging them. Sadly, the feature is not available anymore. One reason could be that many users cancel their free trial at the time of payment.

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