Can Rick and Morty Beat the Ever Powerful Goku in a Fight?

Can Rick and Morty Beat the Ever Powerful Goku in a Fight?

Over the years, the monster-fighting and the trouble-solving duo of Rick and Morty have overcome many obstacles and adversities. Whenever any problem approaches, the genius Rick builds an appropriate machine that gets them out of any trouble. However, in the world of animes, there is one who is considered to be the most powerful of all: Goku. And as Rick and Morty is considered to be one of the best-animated shows of the 21st century, it does make fans wonder if Rick and Morty would be able to defeat Son Goku.

Let us see who will emerge victorious in a battle of brains and brawns.

Who would win Rick Sanchez and Morty or Goku?

Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball, a popular anime with millions of fans worldwide. As a toddler, he was sent to conquer Earth. But he smashes his head and ends up becoming one of Earth’s strongest and most tenacious guards, keeping his new home safe from any alien incursions.

Rick, while being a genius who can invent anything to get himself out of difficulty, would be unable to maintain his ground against Goku. Goku is impervious to supernatural abilities and machines. He also is able to break past a dimensional barrier on his own. While Rick and Morty are mere humans, Goku is descended from the Saiyans, a now-extinct race of extraterrestrials. As a result, he has almost 11 extremely powerful transformations.

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To be able to shield himself from Goku’s attacks would be an impossible feat for normal humans like Rick Sanchez. Therefore, Goku would easily overcome Rick and Morty due to his training and limitless potential.

Other characters who can beat them?

The world of anime is exceptionally vast and filled with incredibly overpowered individuals. So Goku isn’t the only one capable of defeating them. In fact, other powerful characters like Saitama, Madara, and even Doremon will easily be able to defeat the sociopathic scientist and his grandson. Nevertheless, Rick and Morty have defeated some truly powerful individuals in their respective universes, and fans are eagerly waiting for their new adventures this September on Adult Swim.

Do you think Rick stands a chance against Goku? Or will Goku easily defeat the two? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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