Can Jason Bateman Match the Legacy of the Great James Gandolfini As He Competes for His 3rd SAG Award

Can Jason Bateman Match the Legacy of the Great James Gandolfini As He Competes for His 3rd SAG Award

Jason Bateman is one of the most talented actors in the industry today. Bateman’s role as Marty Byrde in the Netflix original drama was a role played to perfection. The actor completely nailed his part in the drama series. And undoubtedly, his performance did not go unrewarded as the actor won two Screen Actors Guild awards so far and is now competing for his third title. But will he be able to match the legacy of legendary actor James Gandolfini who won three SAG awards for Best Drama Actor?

James Gandolfini, the name is not unknown unless one is living under a rock. His role as Tony Soprano in the super hit crime series, The Sopranos is one of the most iconic roles in the history of television. Gandolfini won tons of accolades for his role including the most number of SAG awards for the best drama actor. So will Jason Bateman win his 3rd SAG Award and tie the Best Drama Actor record held by James Gandolfini?

Jason Bateman competing for his third Screen Actors Guild award

Jason Bateman’s performance in the Netflix drama series Ozark is amongst the most iconic roles there is. The This Is Where I Leave You lead won a lot of accolades and fame for his role as Marty Byrde. Previously, Bateman won two Screen Actors Guild awards, first in 2018 and second in 2020 for his commendable performance in Ozark.

And now, Bateman is competing for the third title for his performance in the final season of Ozark alongside popular names including Adam Scott for Severance and Bob Odenkirk for his role in Better Call Saul is the leading contender for the award. Similarly, James Gandolfini has won five SAG awards, three of which he won under the Best drama actor category.

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James won all these awards for his incomparable performance in The Sopranos. Similar to The Sopranos, even Ozark’s ending left the fans shocked. While Bateman won plenty of accolades for his work, sadly the Ozark star has never won an Emmy.

As of late, the Horrible Bosses actor is gearing up for an upcoming Netflix family drama film. The project will also feature the immensely popular athlete, John Cena.

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