Camp Confidential Cast WW II Veterans to Narrate the Tales of America’s Secret Nazis

Camp Confidential Cast WW II Veterans to Narrate the Tales of America’s Secret Nazis

History is a vast subject, but some topics tend to get more attention than others. And one such topic is World War II, as there are countless films and series of the same. Netflix’s library has most of these classic WWII flicks and documentaries. But, “Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis” on Netflix has something more bizarre to offer to the audience.

History has the most bizarre stories, but we never find out about most of them. Thanks to this Netflix Original story, we get a different perspective on Operation Paperclip. So, brace yourself for some classified WWII action.

What is Camp Confidential?

Netflix released Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis on September 24, 2021. The 36-minute long documentary reveals the secrets of the US administration during and post World War. PO Box 1142 in Northern Virginia served as a prison camp for Nazi POWs (prisoners of war). However, this prison camp was unlike other conventional prison camps, as the US military was lenient with the prisoners.

Since the US was at war against USSR, the military believed that the high-ranking Nazi scientists could help. As the language barrier posed big trouble for the US military, the solution was nasty.

The WWII veterans in Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis

Jewish refugees had fled to the US from the European countries, but their hate for Nazis was strong, which led them to join the US military. But the ones with German proficiency who had enrolled in the US military were nowhere near war; instead, they had to mingle with the Nazi POWs.

The documentary features two such veterans, Peter Weiss and Arno Mayer, who had to control their emotions while getting the most out of the POWs. Arno Mayer has served as a guard to Hitler’s chief rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun. The documentary has used animation as a substitute for archival footage, but the veteran’s real-life interviews convey the right emotions.

This Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan-directed documentary has made the Oscar nominations shortlist. The documentary is one of the 15 documentaries that could bag a nomination.

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