Call the Midwife: Will Everyone Step Into Season 12 Alive?

Call the Midwife: Will Everyone Step Into Season 12 Alive?

The world of the mid-twentieth was indeed a world filled with chaos. With all the drastic changes unfolding in and around societies, a lot of stories were crushed under the large-scale turn of the events. Among them was the story of nurses or midwives working in the East End of London. And to tell their story, people have a beautiful show in Call the Midwife.

The eleventh season of the memoir-based show recently finished airing, and fans are dying to know who all made it out alive of that horrific train crash. The horror in particular is about the lives of Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne because they fell unconscious at the end of last week’s episode. Here we will discuss whether they made it out alive, and also the fate of the series going further. We will also see if you can stream Call the Midwife on Netflix or not.

What happened following the train crash in Call the Midwife?

The biggest question going into the season 11 finale was: what happened to Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne? Well, luckily, fans took a sigh of relief as we saw both of them returning to consciousness. However, the happiness was short-lived and was soon replaced with a feeling of uncertainty and looming fear. Dr. Turner suffered a head injury, while it left Sister Julienne with broken ribs and possibly a heart attack.

But the good news was that Nurse Crane was there to save a day. The shimmering light of hope shined brightly, as she returned from the trip a little early to assist Miss Higgins after the devastating train crash. We also got to know the reason behind the crash. It was revealed that the train driver was suffering from a brain tumor, and a seizure made him lose control of the vehicle.

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We all step in alive in season 12

Now, the cast of the show kept hinting at something horrific during the course of Call the Midwife season 2. However, as things stand, everyone is alive and safe at their homes as we move into the next season of the show. And for those who are still wondering, Call the Midwife will return for another season next year, as well as a Christmas special. We are definitely in for a treat.

Call the Midwife on Netflix

If you are someone who lives in the United States, you will only be able to watch the first 9 seasons of Call the Midwife on Netflix. However, you stream the latest seasons of the show on PBS. While we hope Netflix brings remaining seasons on the network soon, for now let’s binge on old seasons.

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