“But this film isn’t about Enola..” Lead Character Millie Bobby Brown Explains the Difference Between ‘Enola Holmes’ and Its Latest Sequel

“But this film isn’t about Enola..” Lead Character Millie Bobby Brown Explains the Difference Between ‘Enola Holmes’ and Its Latest Sequel

Enola Holmes 2 is not about the young girl Enola. Millie Bobby Brown who plays the lead character in the mystery thriller has an explanation for her statements. The movie is made as a sequel to its original detective thriller Enola Holmes, which saw great success. Usually, sequels are a continuation of a storyline. But according to the actress, there is a difference even though the movie is centered around her character.

The first part was a big break for the actress who rose to fame with her character Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. She grows up in front of the audience going from the role of a young lab subject to playing Sherlock Holmes’s sister. She talks about the character and more in the latest interview.

Millie Bobby Brown explained the difference between Enola homes and Enola homes 2

While Stranger Things season 5 keeps fans waiting, Millie is back in action with Enola Homes 2. The 18-year-old confident star rocked her role in the first movie as Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, the success of which led to producing the sequel. In an interview, the actress took an opportunity to draw a difference between both movies.

The first film was about self-exploration, personal growth: a young girl loses her mother..”, she says while stating how the first movie was about her finding their lost mother, and dealing with her elder misogynistic brothers. The movie formed as a base to give a good introduction to the main character and dwelling into the Holmes family.

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However, Enola Holmes 2 is different in its way. “This film isn’t about Enola. It’s about Detective Enola Holmes.” The latest part revolves around a rather mature Enola. The character realizes that having her detective agency is tough work as she deals with the reality of adulthood.

Just as she is about to give up, a case knocks into her destiny taking her on a ride of London’s underbelly, and throwing the amateur detective into a dangerous situation. Helping her through it is her family Sherlock (Henry Cavill), mother Eudoria Holmes (Elena Carter), and love interest Viscount (Louis Partridge).

Enola Holmes 2 is will release on November 4. Are you excited to watch it? Let us know in the comments.

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