Burning Questions on ‘The Sandman’ That Might Get Answers in the Netflix Geeked Week 2022

Burning Questions on ‘The Sandman’ That Might Get Answers in the Netflix Geeked Week 2022

Netflix recently announced that it’s going to host Netflix Geeked from June 6-10. The free live event shall reveal fun facts about the geekiest shows on the platform including the upcoming The Sandman. Now, the show’s Twitter handle is inviting questions from fans who are interested in the comic book character. And the Twitteratis have some really great questions.

One of them is curious whether Dream wears an undie in the Netflix adaptation.

@CatLadyBean is fascinated with Dream’s helmet. 

@CrispyToast100 wants Will Wesley Dodds to make an appearance. 

On other hand, @willspector has important questions.

The original comic featured several DC characters, so naturally, @mlesmorales is curious whether these characters will make an appearance. 

Another is hoping for more. 

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What is The Sandman about?

We received a first look at the character created by Neil Gaiman on 25th September 2021. Ever since, fans have been anticipating for the show to drop on the platform but the streamer hasn’t announced any official release date yet. 

In 1916, a group of occultists cast a spell to capture Death. But due to a mistake in their spell, all they get is Death’s sibling Dream, also known as Morpheus and The Sandman. He lived imprisoned for decades until one day he escapes. On his journey to retrieve powerful objects that the oculists stole from him, he meets Cain and Abel, The Devil, Despair, Desire, Destiny, and Death. 

The big-budget series has cast Tom Sturridge in the lead role. He rules over the Empire of Dreaming. Joining the cast with him is Gwendoline Christie who will play Lucifer. Although it’s the same Lucifer from Netflix’s Lucifer, it’s fruitless to hope for any crossover. Since two different actors are portraying Lucifer.

How many episodes are there?

According to reports, Netflix plans to adapt the first two volumes of the series – Preludes and Nocturnes and The Doll’s House. The first season will have 11 episodes, which will have a runtime of around 60 minutes. Jamie Child, Andrez Baiz, and Coralie Fargeat are the directors helming different episodes of the series.

What are your questions for The Sandman makers? Drop them here, and you may get them answered during the Geeked Week.

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