‘BULLY!’- Twitter Thrashes Prince William Post Prince Harry’s Claim of Physical Fight In 2019

‘BULLY!’- Twitter Thrashes Prince William Post Prince Harry’s Claim of Physical Fight In 2019

Buckingham Palace is a graveyard of the Royal Family’s deepest secrets so far. However, Prince Harry has been digging in deep to make sure every story reaches the world. Weeks after the Docuseries’ release, Prince Harry sat down for some interviews for the promotion of his autobiography and the outcomes could not be less astonishing. Prince Harry undoubtedly called for reconciliation with Prince William but some recent developments have marred any chances of it.

The Duke in his leaked copy of Spare mentioned how he and Prince William got down to a fistfight as the latter called Meghan Markle a rude and abrasive woman. The situation quickly turned sour as William then grabbed Prince Harry’s collars and knocked him down to the floor in the course of the argument. The revelations of such disturbing facts have shaken the internet as Twitter is already fuming fire. 

Twitter accuses Prince William as an abuser after the allegations by Prince Harry 

Hours after The Guardian released a controversial excerpt from Prince Harry’s memoir, Twitteratis stormed the platform calling William a “bully“. The platform is trending with the hashtags #WilliamIsABully and thousands of them pour in their opinions about the said matter. The Sussex fans have been raging against the Royal Family who gave the Duke and the Duchess a tough time. Meanwhile, in a rare gesture, Wales supporters have also called out their Princes for his alleged actions. 

Amid the Harry and William fiasco, people have even taken their potshots at the late Queen stating she was “extremely controlling“. It also gave William’s outrageous attack on Prince Harry a face of jealousy as Harry married for love while he could not. 

Another called out the Royal Family giving them a heads-up of how their Never complain, never explain” agenda is not going to last long. 

A tweet even called Prince William a man with a frail ego as he referred to Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle as rude and abrasive. 

The Royal Family is in demand to give an answer to the allegations made by Prince Harry lest they face a tumultuous catastrophe by the public. Ever since the release of the docuseries till the timely claims by their youngest Prince, they have been quite tight-lipped regarding everything. However, it seems like they will soon need to keep aside their nonchalant behavior and face the fuming public with some explanation. 

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What is your take on the matter? In the battle of Windsors vs the Sussexes, which side do you stand on? Let us know in the comments below.

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