Buckle up People! David Harbour Teases When Will the Final Season of ‘Stranger Things’ Begin Shooting

Buckle up People! David Harbour Teases When Will the Final Season of ‘Stranger Things’ Begin Shooting

Stranger Things has a reputation for making a sensation over the internet whenever a new season drops on Netflix. Having said that, you all must remember the last season of this globally acclaimed show. The season which has marked the end of this supernatural world. Since Hawkins is falling apart, Max is braindead, and other characters are awaiting the final battle with Vecna. While the happy news is that the moment you all have waited for long is over. David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in the show, has confirmed the filming details of season 5.

During his appearance at the Middle East Film & Comic in Abu Dhabi, Harbour talked about the upcoming Stranger Things shoot. According to Sportskeeda, the American star stated that they will start shooting the final season in June and he was currently training for it.

David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things season 4
Credits: Imago

Harbour also recalled his character, who spent most of his time being locked up in Russian jail in last season. And he had lost so much weight to look weaker since Hopper was going through physical and mental pain.

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However, this time he will fight alongside his daughter in Hawkins and needs to bulk up to look healthier. “But now he’s back in town, he’s back in America where they have cheeseburgers, so he will be well-fed,” explained David.

What do we know about Stranger Things Season 5? 

Although the 47-year-old star did not give away any specific details of the plot, he did say that season 5 will elaborate the happy reunion of this father-daughter duo. This fits what the makers of the show have said about not introducing new characters in the last season. Last year, the Duffer brothers had also mentioned about the next installment being more about the characters. Meanwhile, we are relieved to be reminded of the fact that Jim Hopper is back.

The reunion scene between Eleven and Hopper was one of the highlighting moments of season 4. We remember how the young actress made viewers cry as she gets emotional seeing her father alive. She has undergone a painful time after losing the only support system of her life. Not to forget, the detective only survived in the Russian jail with the hope of seeing his adopted daughter again.

Meanwhile, about season 5 we only that there will be eight episodes and the principal photography of the show will begin in May 2023.

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All four seasons of Stranger Things are streaming on Netflix. Are you excited to get the sneak peeks of shooting in coming months? Drop your views in the comments!

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