Bubble Anime Movie On Netflix – Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer And More

Bubble Anime Movie On Netflix – Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer And More

With the new year, fans are looking forward to upcoming anime movies. Netflix hasn’t kept its fans waiting for too long as the trailer for the first anime movie premiere in 2022 has been released. Fans would want to reserve the dates for Bubble, an anime movie, which will transport you to a new world where laws of physics aren’t the same.

Anime movies don’t require the same level of commitment as an anime series. Thus, fans who aren’t avid anime watchers prefer to watch a movie. Bubble has a bizarre concept that you definitely won’t find in any other anime, so keep reading to know more of it.

Release date of Bubble anime movie

We see the city of Tokyo covered in Bubbles, and the bystanders look at it in disbelief as the protagonist narrates about the explosion. A flurry of cool shots of the protagonist doing parkour and scaling the towers will mesmerize you. But the gravity-defying bubbles aid the young people to pull off such stunts.

Netflix dropped the trailer for Bubble on December 7. Since then, Netflix has been receiving positive feedback from fans. The anime movie will release on April 28, 2022.

The cast and crew behind the movie

Jun Shison, Mamoru Miyano, Yuki Kaji, and Tasuku Hatanaka will lend their voices to the characters. All the Attack on Titan fans shouldn’t miss this movie as Tetsurō Araki has directed this movie. Takeshi Obata, famed for creating Death Note, handles the original character design.

WIT Studio, which has previously helmed big animes like Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan, will produce the anime movie. Hiroyuki Sawano will provide the music for Bubble.

Synopsis of Bubble

You are bound to have some doubts after watching the trailer. But a synopsis should clear all your doubts about the protagonist and the world of Bubble. Set in Tokyo, the world of Bubble drastically differs from the one we live in. After the emergence of bubbles, the laws of gravity that hold our world together broke.

Tokyo is no longer the bustling town it used to be. Instead, youngsters indulged in parkour have taken over it. One such youngster called Hibiki quickly becomes known for his dangerous style of play. But one day, he dares too much and falls straight into the gravity-bending sea. However, a girl named Uta saves him with her mysterious powers, and the two stumble upon something bigger.

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