BTS’ Junkbook Gets a Mention in K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ and Another in a Netflix Film

BTS’ Junkbook Gets a Mention in K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ and Another in a Netflix Film

Jungkook, the megastar of popular boy band BTS, has indeed watched the KDrama, Business Proposal. Down with Covid 19, the megastar revealed this in an AMA with his fans. The vocalist is known for his love of Netflix shows and has watched plenty of Netflix series from Bridgerton to Money Heist to Don’t Look Up. Therefore, he openly asks for recommendations from his fans for binge-watching on Netflix. 

His love for the KDrama didn’t go unnoticed by the creators of Business Proposal. In a recent episode of the KDrama the pop icon got a special mention that had the fans giggling. 

The unexpected cameo of Jungkook on Business Proposal 

In episode 9, when lead characters, Shin Ha-ri, and Kang Tae-moo went out for a team dinner, Mr. Gye-bin appeared wearing a purple sweater. Purple is associated with ARMY, BTS’ fandom name, after the iconic “Borahae” moment during a concert. During the meetup, he not only offered to mix drinks but also danced to BTS’ Blood Sweat and Tears. And that wasn’t the end of it. The cherry on top was the last Dynamite drink he made for the team. 

Again, in episode 10 of Business Proposal, Kim Hye Ji compared Mr. Cho’s looks with Jungkook. Although the drama was already receiving a lot of love from the audience, now it has forever etched itself in ARMY’s memory.  

The KDrama stars Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hye Seop in the lead. Although the duo’s first meet-cute is a misunderstanding, the situation gets even more absurd for Kim Sejeong’s Shin Ha-ri. Shin Ha-ri agrees to go on a blind date pretending to be Jin Yeong Seo only to sabotage the marriage plans her best friend’s father has. However, she realizes Yeong Seo’s blind date is her boss. Meanwhile, Ahn Hye Seop’s Kang Tae-moo takes an unexpected liking toward her not knowing that she’s an employee of his company and not Yeong Seo.

Netflix Film returns the megastar’s love 

The global icon not only received a mention on the trending Kdrama but he also got a tweet from Netflix Film. The golden maknae has even watched the wholesome but kinky Love and Leashes. Netflix Film responded to this revelation with a funny meme from the movie. 

Our lowkey ARMY hearts have grown two sizes seeing all this Jungkook-ness across Netflix. What about you?

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