Bringing Back the Time When the OG Flash Ezra Miller Shared Screen With His Rumoured Competitor Grant Gustin in the Flash TV Series

Bringing Back the Time When the OG Flash Ezra Miller Shared Screen With His Rumoured Competitor Grant Gustin in the Flash TV Series

The DC Extended Universe never fails to surprise us fans. Time and again, various franchises have given us legitimate crossover moments between the leading movies and series. One such moment which got the fans gushing over the DC films and television universes was the Ezra Miller Cameo at the Crisis on Infinite Earths alongside his now rumored replacement, Grant Gustin. 

2020 had the most surprising DC multiverse of all time as the original The Flash and the Barry Allen TV counterpart had their first-ever encounter in episode 4 of the series. The five-episode plot witnessed all six DC superheroes merge into the one shared Earth-Prime universe but the Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin run-in encounter topped it all. 

It is also to note that not only the fans but even the executive producer thought that fitting the Cinematic Barry into the television was an improbable dream. Nonetheless, it did happen. Marc Guggenheim, who works on the Arrow and DC universe heroes, delivered the fans with a multiverse that answered the queries of the connection between its all-time big and small screen stories.

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While in the speed force, Gustin’s character ended up in STAR Labs and came face-to-face with the original version of the Flash. In Arrow S08E08, Crisis on Infinite Earths Pt.4, Grant Gustin met Ezra Miller’s Flash and says “this should be impossible now.” As rumors suggest, this was a reference to the fact Miller’s solo film should not still be one that Warner Bros. looks forward to releasing while still not commenting on the actor’s allegations.

Fans gush about the Ezra Miller Cameo alongside Grant Gustin 

For all that we know, the crossover between the Arrowverse and DCEU sent the entire fandom into a frenzy and the internet has never been the same ever since. The hilarious and visible confusion between the two and the major hints that it gave to the solo movie brought Twitter upside-down in the speed force. 

How had you liked the run-in cameo of the Barry Allens? Amidst recent controversies, who do you think is more suitable to play The Flash?

The Flash hit the theaters last year in the month of July 1, 2022. Meanwhile, all five episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths are currently available to watch on The CW’s app.

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