Bringing Back the Time When Blake Lively Went ROFL Guessing Ryan Reynolds Early Morning Mirror Thoughts

Bringing Back the Time When Blake Lively Went ROFL Guessing Ryan Reynolds Early Morning Mirror Thoughts

Is the bliss of marital life gauged by the unconditional love and affection the partners harbor for each other? Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds said ‘no.’ Over the years, as we saw the Reynolds family blooming and flourishing, there have also been some hilarious moments that never get old. Here is one such incident when Blake roasted the brains out of her sleepyhead husband, Ryan.

Four years ago, in a BBC interview, Blake Lively and the ‘hotter, female version of Ryan,’ Anna Kendrick sat down to have a good laugh with the host. While we all were sure of Ryan starting his day with a monologue, his wife had something else to chip in. Here is what she said.

Blake Lively on Ryan Reynolds being himself

In a fun game called Blank Space, the Gossip Girl star found a golden opportunity to make fun of her husband. By the rules, both the stars, Blake and Anna, had to fill in the blanks of an incomplete sentence. Starting off with filling what the B in Cardi B stands for, they reached up to what Ryan must say before the mirror first thing in the morning.

Answering it, his wife said, “Generally, it’s a lot of sobbing.” She then imitated the same and threw a mocking gesture at his dizzy face. Although we know it is most probably the most truthful answer, the host still went to hear what Anna had to say. Kendrick, highly inclined towards Blake, gave an immediate shot saying, “how did I trick Blake lively into marrying me!?” on Ryan’s first reaction.

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What was even more hilarious was the various funny reactions of the UK citizens. While some said he would be all mushy over himself, others cheesily remarked he was “sexy.” Listening to the final citizen who had a strange accent pronouncing his name, Blake and Anna could not stop guffawing about the same.

The mirths and peals of laughter continue to this day as the couple is currently expecting their fourth child. The power duo tied the knot back in 2012 and shares three beautiful daughters to this day.

What do you think Ryan says to himself in the mirror first thing in the morning?

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