‘Bridgerton’ BTS: Jonathan Bailey Becomes a Fanny Magnet as the Young Viscount Ahead of Season 2 Release

‘Bridgerton’ BTS: Jonathan Bailey Becomes a Fanny Magnet as the Young Viscount Ahead of Season 2 Release

Out of all the emotions and things that humans go through, waiting has to be the most irritating one. Yet, somehow, it is also something that brings this feeling of enjoyment among us. Because even though the period of awaiting separates us from things we love, it is also the one that makes us value those very things. Therefore, we are trying to console ourselves that all this waiting for Bridgerton Season 2 is going to pay off soon! We are less than five days away from the grand release of the season, and the show’s Twitter handle decided to tease us in its own creative way.

Well, it is no surprise that Netflix and any of its shows have a rather playful and interesting presence on social media. Proving the very point, the official account of Netflix’s Regency drama series decided to play around with us, while we struggle to live with the constant turmoil of waiting for the series. Wondering what it is all about? Do not worry, we are here to guide you through it all!

The young viscount finds himself in a pleasing company, ahead of Bridgerton Season 2

We stand at a mere distance of 5 days from the much-awaited release of Bridgerton Season 2. The Netflix Original has kept the entire world at the edge of the seat, with its incredible storytelling, alluring visuals, and, of course, the brilliant actors. But it seems like it was not enough, and they just had to make us starve a bit more than that. So the Twitter handle of the Netflix Original decided to post a picture of none other than Anthony Bridgerton along with 5 charming female actresses from the show.

In the image, we see the beautiful mothers who stole our hearts during the first season of the show. First is the head of the Bridgerton family, Violet Bridgerton, filled with equal parts love and equal parts sarcasm for her son, Anthony. And second, we have the duke of Hastings‘ motherly figure, Lady Danbury, who, well, is as savage as any woman can be. But the prime catch from the image is the three fresh faces we see with Anthony.

We see the young and attractive Sharma sisters in the image, Kate and Edwina. And along with them is the Sharma matriarch Mary Sharma, looking exquisite as ever. So, with these five beautiful women around Anthony, it is nothing but a message for us that (less than) five days separate us and season 2 of Bridgerton.

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Tell us what are your predictions for the upcoming season? Meanwhile, you can re-watch the first season of Bridgerton on Netflix.

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