Breaking Down Netflix’s ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Finale and How It Sets up Season 2 for the Show

Breaking Down Netflix’s ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Finale and How It Sets up Season 2 for the Show

We all can agree that the ending of Alchemy of Souls left us asking for more. The Kdrama had been in the Top 10 Trending Netflix TV Shows. The show revolves around Jang Uk and Naksu/ Mu Deok and various other characters who want to fight against the common evil aka the Alchemy of Souls. Keep reading to find out what happens at the end of the Netflix series Alchemy of Souls and what viewers can expect from the second season!

A breakdown of the Alchemy of Souls ending

The last two episodes had started on a happy note. Well, Park Dong Gu and Jin Cho Yeon were getting married, how could the audience not be excited? To add the icing on the cake, Jang Uk proposed to Mu Deok and their marriage was on the calendar. However, everything came crashing down when Jin Mu caught on to what was happening. He took the Shaman’s advice and decided to find the person that was with Jang Uk when he started to change. Within minutes, as anyone would have guessed, he realized that it was Mu Deok.

Furthermore, through the Shaman’s instrument, a bell can help you take over a shifted soul’s body. And only a shifted soul can listen to the tune of the bell. He took over Mu Deok’s body as soon as Park Dong Gu and Jin Cho Yeon were getting married.

Mu Deok fought Park Dong Gu and Jin Cho Yeon and killed Jin Cho Yeon’s father Jin U Tak, just as Jin Mu wanted. She even killed Jang Uk, and after gaining back her consciousness she couldn’t believe what she had done. The scene where she momentarily escapes possession and starts crying is one to be carved in stones. Fast forward to the ending, the funeral of Jang Uk was being held and Naksu was facing the fate that all rampages souls faced, drowning in the magical lake.

Then BOOM Jang Uk’s body comes out of the fire completely fine. And Mu Deok could be seen being carried out of the water of the lake by two mysterious women. In fact, the women did not look like humans but like mystical creatures. Fans even theorize that they were mages from Jin’s kingdom.

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What to Expect from Alchemy of Souls Season 2?

In the preview for the second season of Alchemy of Souls, we see our group of power sources, especially Jang Uk, getting ready for another war. Plus, Naksu is back to her original body and wearing a long white dress. Moreover, with everything that has happened will Mu Deok and Jang Uk ever be the same again, now that the Queen has discovered that Mu Deok is her daughter? What will be the outcome?

Fans are suffering from sleepless nights wondering whether Jang Uk will even want to see Mu Deok after what had happened. Alchemy of Souls will be back on Netflix with a second season. Fans are coming up with different theories with every second and can’t wait to watch the next season.

Drop down some of your theories related to Alchemy of Souls season 2 in the comments below.

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