Bravery or Shame? Hailey Bieber Receives Backlash for ‘Nepo Baby’ Tee, With Internet Calling Out Her Father

Bravery or Shame? Hailey Bieber Receives Backlash for ‘Nepo Baby’ Tee, With Internet Calling Out Her Father

Hailey Bieber caught up in the nepo baby boom! If you were active on social media at the end of 2022 you might have heard about this term. People have been obsessing over the fact that the kids of famous kids in the industry always have an above hand when it comes to getting opportunities. Adding fire to the prolonged controversy New York Magazine took a violent topic for the final cover story of the year.

They explicitly touched on the issue of nepotism that has been happening in Hollywood for years. Since viewers have been lashing out about how these young actors and directors have a label to get everything easily. So the magazine presented their views about this love-hate relationship with them. And it seems one of these nepo babies has entered the controversy leaving the internet shocked.

Hailey Bieber gets involved in the nepo baby boom in a stylish way 

Hailey Bieber has become the girls’ obsession for her fashion and glam looks over the years. From relaxed streetwear to Met Gala gowns, she sports everything in style. However, she stirred up the internet this time as she stepped out in Los Angeles on January 6, donning a new outfit.

The supermodel was captured wearing jeans and a cropped white baby tee that read “Nepo Baby.” This term has recently created a buzz on social media, where many celebrities and fans targeted the kids of famous actors saying they are privileged.

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Although the American socialite has maintained her silence on the subject, she did make it clear that she takes the label with pride since she is the daughter of famous actor Stephen Baldwin and the niece of Alec Baldwin.

And now netizens are targeting the model and her daddy on Twitter. One user stated: “Hailey Bieber is the LAST person I think of when “Nepo Baby” comes to mind. Your daddy is one of the D list Balwins.”

“the thing is that hailey bieber is barely a nepo baby. i bet if you stopped 100 people on the street 75 of them would assume she was alec’s daughter. no one cares about stephen baldwin’s daughter,” added second user.

What do you think about this brave move of Hailey Bieber? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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