Bop or Flop: What Do the Booktubers Think of Bridgerton Season 2?

Bop or Flop: What Do the Booktubers Think of Bridgerton Season 2?

Every show or movie based on a book faces additional challenges. Not only do these challenges involve crossing the bar set by these usually amazing books, but also mandate for the adaptations to have a unique aspect as well. Bridgerton is no exception to this either. As all fans who have read the books know very well, the series has some major diversions from the books. Are the readers happy with these changes? Here’s all that some of the most popular Booktubers had to say about Bridgerton season 2.

Who are the Booktubers sharing their views on Bridgerton season 2?

The rise of the internet age is almost equivalent to that of the consumption of video-related content. Evidence of the same ranges from TikTok clips to Instagram reels and the good old classic YouTube vlogs. Fans certainly love the convenience videos bring to them.

Naturally, there are accounts on the same for almost every niche on YouTube. One of these categories is literature. This group of people discusses everything about books in the form of videoblogs. And they go by the name of, yes, you guessed it, Booktubers.

For this particular Bridgerton season 2 and The Viscount Who Loved Me comparison, Netflix brought together the following popular Booktubers who have all read the Bridgerton book series:

  • Jessica from PeaceLoveBooksxo
  • Jessen from JessenReadsRomance
  • Jananine from thsistoryaintover
  • Melissa from bookrecsbymel
  • Lacey from Laceybooklovers

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What are their thoughts on Bridgerton season 2

From the get-go, the Booktubers were open with the audience about how their expectations of the Netflix Original were very high. Considering the popularity of Quinn’s books in the historical fiction genre, Bridgerton fans are basically a cult that Jessica described as “hardcore die-hard fans”.

Watch the clip here:

What stood out the most from their observations?

Kate and Anthony’s first proper introduction

The first thing the women took notice of was the absence of Anthony’s mutton chops, something they collectively agreed was a good thing to get rid of. They also commented on how well executed Kate and Anthony’s first meeting was. It ends with her taking Edwina away from Anthony at a ball. This shows their dynamic perfectly and also sets the stage for the rest of their love-hate-love relationship.


The scene from The Viscount Who Loved Me that the Booktubers were most excited to see in Bridgerton season 2 is that of pall mall. It is this scene they describe as one of the most pivotal ones of the season and we have to agree. Not only do we see Kate and Anthony’s similarities, but they are also forced together. As a result, they end up sharing both vulnerable and fun moments with each other.

Edwina and Anthony- yes or no?

While they recorded their session with Still Watching Netflix before the release of season 2 of the Netflix series, they made their shock at the changes extremely clear. Bridgerton season 2 offered to fans of the books a perfect blend of bringing to life the book they adored so much while making sure they add intrigue to keep fans hooked. In this context, the addition made was that of Anthony actually courting Edwina, while nothing similar happens in the books.

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Stream Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix to see the differences and similarities between The Viscount Who Loved Me and its adaptation firsthand.

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