Boosie Went on a Hilarious Rant About How Kanye West Is a Self Proclaimed Jesus

Boosie Went on a Hilarious Rant About How Kanye West Is a Self Proclaimed Jesus

Other than his music, if there is one thing Kanye West is known for, it’s his controversial statements. The artist was one of the top trending celebrities of 2022. While fans find it entertaining, it has drawn a great deal of criticism as well. He has been a believer in free speech and speaks his mind regardless of the consequences, and a fellow American rapper recently ranted about it all.

While he already succeeded in the music and fashion industry, the singer slowly moved on to preach his political and religious beliefs as well. West is certainly influential, but even fans were surprised by instances when he referred to himself as God. While many commented on the rapper’s claims, one more has joined the force, with Boosie Badazz opening up about his feelings about Ye’s behavior.

How Boosie Badazz hilariously explained Kanye West calling himself Jesus

Kanye West remains in the limelight, often due to his opinions. But even Boosie Badazz was left in splits upon realizing how Ye thinks of himself as God. DailyLoud posted a clip of the ‘Facetime’ singer wherein he talks about how he saw Ye and was dressed with the vibe of Lord Jesus. The rapper hilariously explained how the ‘Donda’ singer had grown a beard. Boosie Badazz seemed pretty certain as he repeated, “I might be wrong.” While the rapper left an air of doubt, he was not alone in this speculation.

Ye named his fashion brand Yeezy, which is supposedly the combination of Kanye and Jesus. It is done to represent a God-like persona to the world. Throughout the years, the singer has made statements about it as well. Back in 2016, he was hospitalized due to mental stress and possible bipolar issues.

NotAllowedTo reported that Dr. Rebecca of the UCLA Medical Center even spoke to the media. She explained how he kept referring to himself as the ‘son of God’. Ye even began a successful choir group, as he claimed to be a follower of the faith recently. In another instance, he called himself Jesus while on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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As for Boosie, the two have had a rivalry for a long, often criticizing each other. The rapper called out Ye for his White Lives Matter t-shirt and comments on Black Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks.

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