“Booked and Busy”- Fans Rejoice Knowing Sydney Sweeney has 11 Different Projects lined up

“Booked and Busy”- Fans Rejoice Knowing Sydney Sweeney has 11 Different Projects lined up

The moment Sydney Sweeney knew that she was extremely talented, she decided to use it to its maximum. She is making the most of her talent by signing up projects back to back and working as if there is no tomorrow. Apparently, the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 have brought the actress uncountable opportunities, most of which she has decided to participate in.

Recently, a list of all the projects the 25-year-old is starring in is circulating on social media, and the total number of upcoming projects she is part of is eleven. And not just films; she is also working on two shows, one of which is the third season of her breakout show Euphoria.

Although the total number of projects listed in the list is twelve, one of them, called Reality, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival on February 18 this year. However, the project is yet to release to the public, so technically it is still an upcoming project. But apart from Reality, the rest are still in the production phase of the filmmaking cycle, and that is what makes her fans go crazy.

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What do fans think of Sydney Sweeney being a busy bee?

When the list of the Spokane native’s projects went viral on Twitter, fans were absolutely shocked. And, even though not all of these projects will release at the same time, it is hard to acquire them all and work on them back-to-back.

Well, these lined-up projects are all the result of the hard work of the Sharp Objects actress. It took her a long time and an extensive struggle to prove herself, and these lined-up projects are the result of it. A lot of her fans are really happy and shocked and are expressing their exclamations in the comments.

What shocks fans, even more, is the part where they know that the actress is involved in the production of half of the projects she is starring in. And the list of her assignments does not end here. She also signed a contract to endorse Armani Fragrance as their new brand ambassador, which she announced early this year.

Moreover, she also recently launched a new collection of bikinis with Frankies Bikini. In addition to that, the Everything Sucks actress is also an ambassador of Laneige and promotes their water-based skincare products. This small-town girl is a true example of the perfect mix of talent and hard work.

What are your thoughts on the Euphoria actress’ upcoming projects list? Tell us in the comments.

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