‘Blonde’ Photos: Marilyn Monroe Comes to Life in Ana de Armas With Her Romances

‘Blonde’ Photos: Marilyn Monroe Comes to Life in Ana de Armas With Her Romances

Marilyn Monroe, you’ve heard the name. The iconic sex bomb’s fame has remained fresh through generations. The fame that led to her rise and her fall. In her career of sixteen years, she acted in at least forty films before passing away at the young age of thirty-six. The most famous ones are Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Some Like It Hot, and How to Marry a Millionaire, etc. Monroe experienced her transformation from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe, her rise in Hollywood, political connections, affairs, loneliness, and the ultimate demise. This mesmerizing blonde beauty may have left us too soon, but we will get to experience her magic again. Blonde, a Netflix fictional-biopic film, will display it all.

Monroe has remained a much-loved figure for all. So naturally, filling her shoes was no easy task, especially for actress Ana de Armas. The Cuban actress took nine months to match her accent for Blonde. The Blade Runner 2049 actress was transformed to match Marliyn’s soft voice, hourglass figure, seductive soft voice, and of course, blonde hair. Some have complained about Armas’s Cuban accent leaking through the movie’s trailer but Marilyn Monroe’s Estate has come out in defense of the casting.

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Blonde on Netflix: She is coming; she is almost here

Ana De Armas is Marlin Monroe,” tweets Netflix along with photos from the new project. Blonde, one of the most awaited movies, will be brought by Netflix on its streaming platform. It will be an adaptation of author Joyce Carol Oates’ 1999 fictional- biopic book ‘Blonde‘, which was a best seller in 2000.

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So bringing the best-selling book to life, that too based on Monroe, meant having a powerful cast. Norma Jean, aka Monroe, will be brought to life by Ana de Armas in the lead, Adrien Brody as Arthur Miller, Sara Paxton as Miss Flynn, and of course, Casper Phillipson as John Kennedy.

Marilyn was famous for many things, one of which was her high-class affairs. The most infamous one was one with a married John F Kenndey, the then President of the United States, and later, his brother, Robert F Kennedy, the then Attorney General. There are speculations of her untimely death being a result of her affairs.

We don’t know for sure, but we do know that she craved love. That beneath the glam of Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean struggled with her fame, a stolen childhood, and the craze of the paparazzi that exists to this day. Watch the premiere of Blonde on 28th September on Netflix.

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