‘Blippi’ Is Now Streaming on Netflix – Check These Facts About Blippi and His Net Worth

‘Blippi’ Is Now Streaming on Netflix – Check These Facts About Blippi and His Net Worth

If you have children, you probably heard the name Blippi. Blippi is a YouTuber, a hero to millions of kids, who makes educational fun videos for young kids. His videos are mainly targeted to kids, from the age group of 3 years to 5 years, for whom he makes fun videos, nursery rhymes, and catchy songs.

Stevin John, as known as Blippi, used to work in the US Air Force, and turned himself into a video content creator on YouTube. With his educational videos, he helps kids to learn shapes, letters, numbers, colors, the alphabet, animals, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and much more. Now that his videos are streaming on Netflix, fans as curious about Blippi net worth and life. So, here we are. Let us know more about Stevin John aka Blippi.

Facts about Blippi

On a regular basis, Blippi’s videos received more than 11 million views on YouTube and over 14 million subscribers. This creator even created children’s entertainment and educational videos on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video. Stevin himself oversees all the filming, writing, starring, and editing related to any video. Moreover, he has an entire team to work things out.

Stevin started his entertainment business as a comedian, but that failed miserably. The idea of creating content for kids came to him from his two-year-old nephew. His aim was to create high-quality, interactive, graphic, positive, educational, and entertaining videos. While naming his channel, he went through hundreds of names that children could pronounce easily and that’s how Blippi was born.

Now, Moonbug Entertainment, the production team behind CoComelon, launched Blippi: Adventures and Blippi: School Supply Scavenger Hunt, exclusively on Netflix.


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Blippi net worth

Blippi or Stevin is a very private human being. He likes to keep his personal and professional life separate from each other. In 2022, his net worth is supposedly $20 million. Most of his money comes from content creation, collaboration with big brands, sponsorships, YouTube, advertisement, merchandise, and online courses.

He has other YouTube channels in different languages other than English. Some of his other YouTube channels are Blippi Arabic, Blippi Toys, Blippi Espanol, and many more. All of this contributes to his net income, as well.

Blippi’s content is groundbreaking, making it easy for millions of children learn easily. His videos are streaming on Netflix currently.

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